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Google vs SEO - by Dave Naylor

The War of the SERPs

Is Google locking down SEOs and trying to kill them off?

Dave Naylor's session at the Pro Seminar definitely would have got people talking.  But first, a quick warning...  If you're employed in SEO and you're looking for some uplifting news, I'd probably stop reading this now.  But if you don't mind squirming in your seat for a while, and facing some uncomfortable predictions, read on...

For quite a while now Google has been slamming the door on affiliates.  This is particularly the case in the organic listings.  And increasing PPC prices are making it tough for affiliates to survive at all.  That might not be news to some, but that's not all that's happening...

  • Shopping results and more PPC results at the top of the page mean even less of the real estate on the front page is available for organic listings
  • Branded SERP results often don't show any PPC at all, and have no info from other sources than the brands themselves

So What Can We Say About The Future?

  • Thin, low quality affiliate sites will die
  • Content will continue to reign as king
  • But it will remain almost impossible for Google to police the long tail

"He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight"  Sun Tzu

Dave showed a case study from the fashion industry.  The site had great content and a very strong link profile, but received a very severe penalty.  Dave analysed the site thoroughly and contacted a Google rep about it.

This was definitely not a thin affiliate site, but Google was still seeing it as such.

And what about the future for Price Comparison sites?

Dave predicts Google will show their own price comparisons for products and therefore edge out comparison sites.  And why are Google doing it?

Two words - Ad Impressions

And what about video and Google maps?

  • Google TV will show straight at the top of the search results
  • Google Maps will be all paid (it has already started...)

And the biggest of all the predictions is...

Google will eventually move from a business-to-business to a business-to-consumer model, and then we're really screwed!

But could this  be where the mighty Google falls?

Watch this space...

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