Link Building in Competitive Industries - Jane Copland Pro SEO Seminar

Live blogging from the Pro SEO Seminar.

So we're back from the break, and nicely caffeinated - up next is Jane talking about link building in competitive industries... let's go!

Jane's tackling the questions she gets asked most often about link building:

1) "I don't know what sorts of links I need"

Lots of people have an awful lot to say about what works and what doesn't. The trouble is who do you believe? In general building too many anchor text rich links can cause problems as it can look unnatural. Also remember that no two markets ever look the same - just because something works in one market doesn't mean that it will work in another.

2) "No one will link to me with the anchor text I want"

Jane highlights that it's really not important - a quality link is still a quality link. She also highlights that an overly optimised back link profile can look manipulative. Natural link profiles FTW!

3) "I don't know if I should get this link"

How do you tell if a link is 'good'? Jane recommends using the moz toolbar to compare the number of links to a site versus pagerank. But steer clear of sites which look like they sell links or link out to other bad neighbourhoods.

4) "I don't know what balance of links I should be getting."

You'll need:

- Volume

- Topic Quality (i.e. on topic)

- Authoritative Quality

- Natural 'noise' - brand links, URL links, click here links etc

- Editorial Quality

Miss one of these groups and you're likely not to rank as well as you might :)

Link building is hard, and many people do outsource it; that's fine - but make sure you get full reporting in terms of all of the links that have been obtained.

5) "No one replies to my link building emails"

Top Tips -

- If you don't get a reply first time then do send a follow up

- Test different email templates - make sure your tone etc is appropriate

- Use mechanical turk to gather contact details for you

- Include a professional signature and include a phone number that you will answer (even if you don't like the phone!)

- Don't expect a free lunch - even if you can't afford the risk of buying links - you can still trade something - e.g. - products, expertise etc

6) "I've run out of link targets"

That's unlikely :)

Think laterally - where could you guest blog? What sort of content could you create that people might want to link to?



Do you have any doubts about getting a link from a page with no pagerank?

No toolbar pagerank, with few links is fine - lots of links and low pagerank is a no, no.

Do you measure ROI?

For gambling (for example) you can look at how many depositing players you have before and after SEO activity - it's all very easy to track.


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