New AdWords policy: um, Google, I think you mean ‘domain’, not ‘URL’

Google has a new policy that all AdWords display URLs must match destination URLs.

I think they must be confusing 'domain' with 'URL'. The guidelines say:

> In line with our existing policy, we will continue to require that your ad's Display URL matches its Destination URL (the URL of your landing page).

But they then go on to say that:


Would be an acceptable display URL for the destination URL:


(the sub-domain is allowed because it is the same domain - this is explicitly allowed by the guideline).

Now, unless I am missing something, and are both URLs and they do not match (contravening the introduction to the new rule). What is true is that the domains of the two match and I think this is what they are trying to say.

Could be a helluva lot clearer, in my opinion.

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