Myanmar Cyclone PPC Competition update

Sorry for the delay with the competition, we had a few little troubles (all to do with linking to a page that solicits funds and getting tax-exempt status for it) but it's running now and we have an update on progress.

And then there were four...

Brandishing a tool to gauge statistical significance of clickthrough rates, I cut a swathe through the unfortunate ads that were lagging behind in our Myanmar Cyclone PPC Competition. It was amazing to see the great quality creatives that didn’t cut the mustard. I really have to commend the writers, in spite of some low CTR’s, for some wonderful writing.

A variety of styles were employed; from lyrical, two line poetry through to punchy, bullet pointed jabs. Having worked in PPC for a while now, I know I couldn’t have predicted which adverts would succeed and which ones would have failed.

Isn’t that the fun of writing creatives for PPC though? You can write rhythmical, easy on the ear lines – flecked with keywords, bookended by catchy headlines and relevant display URLs, and topped off with a call to action phrase of breathtaking beauty...and have a clickthrough rate that pales in comparison to some ugly beast of a creative that is poor grammatically, with no real call to action and a headline that is generic in the extreme. Most of the time you would back the beauty to win but with PPC you can’t make those assumptions, you’ve got to just put them out there and let the public decide.

We just have to shrug and remember, that when it comes to taste and what the people are going to choose, the story is age old – “de gustibus non est disputandum” as the Romans put it, or “there’s no accounting for taste” as we would say.

In matters of principle, stand like a rock; In matters of taste, swim with the current. -- Thomas Jefferson
Bad luck to the fallen advert writers, taste has spoken - four swimmers remain.

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