Microsoft adCenter offers upload from Google

I'd love to claim that they were taking a lead from us and our adCenter to AdWords converter, but, I suspect that Microsoft have had this in the pipeline for some time. On Wednesday, they announced (among a bunch of other changes) that they have improved their import functionality:

> You can now import files from Google AdWords editor – for more information about importing campaigns, please see these adCenter Help topics: Export campaigns and Import campaigns.

I think this is a fantastic move from Microsoft - as a minority player in this market (a position they must find a little weird), they have to accept that they are playing catch-up to Google and making it easier to try out their service will make a massive difference. People are lazy!

In the same announcement, they quietly introduced the {Keyword:default} style of dynamic matching that means that their campaigns are actually a lot more compatible with Google's (one of the problems we had in writing our converter was that there was no way to translate Google's dynamic keyword insertion in all cases. This is now not a problem as Microsoft supports the same syntax (along with still supporting the {param1}, {param2} and {param3} options - giving them more flexibility than Google).

A number of people have been saying to me recently that they have been hugely impressed with the quality of the Live search results (and some people are even switching!). It'll be interesting to see if this is a larger trend when the next set of market share numbers are released.

On the advertising side, many people find that traffic from Live search converts better than any other search traffic, so more of it can only be a good thing!

Dave and I were chatting about this change yesterday (I thought it would be a good idea to ping him about it after he was kind enough to mention our tool). And we both agreed that it's going to be interesting to watch what Microsoft gets up to over the coming months. We also started hatching plans, but that's a subject for another day.

Finally, Tom and I were talking this morning about how dreadful Microsoft are at naming things (something they joke about themselves - when I went there to talk about the travel industry, one of the presentations was on their maps project - that they have about 20 different names for!). On Monday, they announced the opening of a limited beta of project Gatineau and as Tom and I discussed getting one of our clients onto it, Tom said "how do you spell 'gatineau'", to which my answer was:

> I have absolutely no idea. Google it!

When Gatineau was originally mentioned, I hoped that was an internal name for the project that would get rebranded when they actually launched it. That isn't looking so likely now....

Ah well. If it's as good as it looks, I don't care what we have to call it.

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