It’s Time to Learn Paid Search (or Look for an Agency)

SEO and PPC stay pretty separate in the online marketing industry, it seems. I’ve answered a lot of questions about paid search and how it works, but the majority of the industry seems to discount the value paid search can bring to a website (maybe because paid links are so bad?). Sometimes prospective clients feel the need to ask for either SEO or PPC, or have no interest in paid search whatsoever. Well, it’s time we put the axe on needing to choose. Both are critical to reaching your business' full potential through Google.

Miranda Miller at Search Engine Watch elaborated on a technical Google study about the role paid search plays in assisting organic results this past April (thanks, Miranda!). Yes, Google wants you to spend more on advertisements, of course. BUT, did you see the data? Here’s the slightly-longer-than TL;DR version:

81% of search result ads don't have a matching organic listing on the first page of Google.

 Of the 19% that did correspond to an organic result
- 9% had an organic listing at #1
- 5% were ranked between 2 and 4
- 4% were at position 5 or below.

If you can get your clients (or your business) to appear for 80% more searches, wouldn't you want to at least start thinking about attempting paid adverts on Google? Do you need more convincing? Google's test shows that:

- 99% of ad clicks with no organic result are crucial (of course, that makes sense)
- 50% of clicks paired with a rank 1 organic result are incremental (think brand terms)
- 82% of ads make a difference when paired with an organic listing between 2 and 4.
- 96% with an associated ad with a listing below rank 5

Basically, being at position 5 or below is just as useful as not even being on the page at all. This is where your paid search strategy should take over; PPC marketers should pair with your SEOs to provide you the most keyword coverage you can get.

Tangent :: In SEO and PPC we talk about being above the fold quite a bit. So if you are below position 5 on the first page, think about your website: what are your visitors seeing? Are you making the best fist impression? :: End Tangent

I think we've agreed - paid search is an important part of internet marketing on Google. In addition to just being visible, you can use paid search ads to test the potential conversion rate of specific keywords and landing pages. Is it worth it for your business to appear for that much coveted key phrase? Test it out! 

How do you start? AdWords is very intimidating if you've never had an hour or so to peek around inside the interface. Distilled has paired with Simply Business to create a step-by-step guide to launching your first AdWords campaign. We've consulted on the process and provided relevant, useful paid search articles that will help clarify the specifics for you. We've even included screen shots of the AdWords interface so you don't have to blindly walk through the process alone. It's almost like Distilled is consulting you through every step! Click on the graphic below to see the interactive version. 

If you think your blog audience would appreciate knowing how to start paid search advertising agency-style, then please share this with them:

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Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).


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