Google website optimizer unavailable: not helpful

[Update: the product manager at Google contacted me and the problem does appear to be fixed (whether as a result of that or not, I don't know). The system also seems to be working pretty well....!]

I am trying to get Google website optimizer up and running in order to run a simple A/B split test on our website (and also to gain valuable experience of how the system works in order to be able to advise clients on it in the future).

I'm sure it is a fantastic system when you eventually get it up and running (and I've mentioned before how I am a bit of a stats junkie), but when every time I try to get further through the process, I get a message saying:

> Google website optimizer is unavailable

It turned out, though that in fact the process was working - each time I got that message it had actually progressed further through the setup process (i.e. the button press had in fact worked). So when I logged back into AdWords and went into website optimizer, it was at the next stage.

It might be a slow way of getting something like this set up, but at least it did work in the end...

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