Google To Lift Ban on Gambling PPC Advertising in the UK - Tomorrow!

Google have announced that they are relaxing their ban on gambling advertising in England, Scotland & Wales from tomorrow. Companies that are registered with the Gambling Commision or within the European Economic Area can now advertise to UK users, allowing a number of non-UK companies such as those based in Gibraltar and Malta the chance to get involved.

This is massive news for anyone working in the PPC industry as there are sure to be some ferociously contested markets in the coming months. With poker sites, casinos, spread betting firms (or spread firms as they're known in the industry), exchanges, fixed odds firms, comparison sites, tipsters and other niche gaming sites out there, it is going to be an almighty scramble for some prime positions.

As ever Distilled are ahead of the curve, as our Paid Search Marketer worked in online gaming for 7 years before joining us. One of Paid Search’s biggest problems is that, although your marketer may understand the technical side of the job, running Adwords day to day, they will take time to get to know the marketplace that they are advertising in. Having someone who has worked in the industry, almost from the birth of online gaming in this country, is a big bonus to getting ahead of the competition. So if there are any gaming companies out there looking for a paid search gambling expert then we have the man for the job - you should get in touch!

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