Are Yahoo giving away PPC ads for free?

We recently noticed that when searching on Yahoo for Distilled a sponsored advert was appearing. The strange thing about this is that we do not run any PPC adverts on Yahoo. We do run some PPC adverts on Google but they are not targeted at branded searches and none of our adverts contain the ad content we can see here. Curious.


Was the ad triggered by an advanced match keyword linking Distilled with reputation management? Possibly, a non-branded search for ‘reputation management does again produce an advert for Distilled.


They also have Distilled sponsored adverts at the bottom of the page at the same time so that is two adverts and no charge.


But why are ads appearing there in the first place?

We thought about how it could be a hangover from the experiment to run Google ads on Yahoo but that wouldn’t explain the new ad content which isn’t anywhere in our AdWords account. Are Yahoo trying to pad out their search offering to make the advertising space look more appealing? Trying to stimulate a herd mentality and give the impression that this is a place worth being seen in?

If someone out there thinks they know why these ads are appearing, perhaps you are the kindly soul trying to drive traffic towards the distilled website, then we’d love to hear your theories (or confessions)!

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