Adwords Finally Allows Date Range Comparison (Hooray!)

Ever since the new version of Google Analytics came out earlier this year which allowed you to do date range comparisons I have been itching for the day when Adwords would include something similar. Compared to Analytics, the Adwords reporting has been a little bit behind and hadn't been revised for some time. Now though I'm over the moon to see that they've added this feature.

See a screenshot of it in action:

Adwords screenshot

You access this under the account snapshot tab within Adwords and it works in a very similar way to the date range comparison within Google Analytics. This is a big plus for Adwords and will make analysing the performance of accounts and campaigns much easier.

Note that they still have a few bugs to iron out, such as determining when a stat should be green or red. As you can see in the next screen shot where the most recent date range has a higher CPC and a higher cost/conversion. Both of those changes are green (for good!) but those are both negative changes.

Adwords screenshot 2

Regardless of the bugs though I'm over the moon about this. I'm probably not the first to blog about this, but I certainly haven't seen mention of this anywhere else online so I thought I'd blog it.

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