AdCenter qualifications

DaveN points to an upcoming release of an AdCenter accreditation system similar to getting 'Google Qualified' status.

I like a lot of what AdCenter is doing at the moment and the name of the program (adexcellence) gives me hope that it will be more than a 'do you know the rules and the basics' type of test, and more of a distinguishing qualification that really means something.

The tools and research that Microsoft are making available are great and we are getting some really good ROI in the US running AdCenter ads.

##My only complaint about AdCenter

The online interface to AdCenter contains some of the most annoying uses of ajax I have ever seen. When I first started using it, it didn't work at all in Firefox, so I had to fire up Internet Explorer to get anything done (quite annoying when you're working on an Ubuntu machine.

The other week, I was going through my usual palaver of using Wine to run IE so I could edit some AdCenter ads and discovered that the ajax wasn't working so I couldn't actually get at my currently running ads. At first, I thought that it must be because I was running a weird Ubuntu version of internet explorer, but I got the same problem in IE6 on Windows XP. I tried logging in with Firefox and everything worked perfectly.

Please Microsoft, sort out the cross-browser stuff so that AdCenter can become my favourite ad platform...

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