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- As you will see from my round-up, I get a lot of my general mobile news from smstextnews - a highly recommended read

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##News round-up

Given that I am reading all this stuff, I thought it might be useful to do a quick round-up, summary post (it might happen regularly, you never know). If you can't wait for round-up posts, you can keep track of mobile stuff I'm interested in by following my weekly mobile tag.


The more data we all use when we're out and about, the more backhaul becomes a problem. It's not one that many people outside the industry think about. Backhaul is the process of connecting mobile base stations to the core network. This week Vodafone has struck a deal:

> Vodafone has announced that it’s struck a five year deal with BT which will see BT’s wholesale arm providing connectivity between Voda’s base stations and its own network.

Full story: Vodafone backhaul deal

Particularly interesting (to me) is the talk of BT's 21st century network.... Go read the article then do a bit of googling around that if you are feeling geeky...


Much like the turning off of analogue TV that is going to happen over the next few years to free up spectrum once everyone can use digital, the mobile networks have a load of spectrum that is currently used for 2G services and that many people would like to see used for more modern services once 3G coverage gets good enough. It would be Ofcom's remit in the UK, but the Australian government is making headway on the issue:

> Telstra has finally received the go ahead from the Aussie government to close down its CDMA network, after three months of waiting. The telco had hoped to close it down in January of this year, after its 3G network reached the same coverage levels, but was prevented by the government.

Full story: Telstra closing 2G network


I have written before about how the mobile operators are desperate to avoid becoming "just the pipe" in the sense of simply allowing people to access the wider web with no value add. Strategy Eye report (via smstextnews again!) that:

> CNN International has signed a deal with Samsung in which the manufacturer will be the first to offer a pre-loaded CNN news application.

Full story: CNN International deal with Samsung


On a light-hearted note, you might enjoy watching a (grainy, low sound quality) mobile video of a flash-mob descending on London's Liverpool Street station to do a live 'rick-roll' of the station.

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