What to look forward to in The Big Easy

As an American living in London, there are certain things about the upcoming Link Building Seminar in New Orleans that I know we at Distilled are really looking forward to.  Those of you already coming along may be excited about some of the same things we are, and for those who have yet to sign up, here is a small list of some big wins you might miss out on.

NOLA WIN: Coffee and Donuts

Now before you say, "Coffee and donuts! You can get that anywhere in the world!", let me explain something: Cafe Du Monde is not just any place in the world. They don't just serve any "coffee" they serve Dark Roasted Chicory coffee. And these aren't just any donuts, they are Beignets. Three squares of fried doughy heaven covered in an avalanche of powdered sugar. For breakfast, lunch, dessert or as a night cap after an evening on the town. These babies will put a smile on anyone's face.

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Distilled WIN: Wil Reynolds

Wil is coming over from Seer Interactive with some great insights on "link building mistakes made by advanced SEOs". Given the recent activities around JCPenny and other high profile sites, this is a can't miss session. Bring your learning shoes for this one as its bound to be full of great advice.

NOLA WIN: Sunshine!

With Distilled having an office in London and Seattle, our SEOs rarely get a chance to soak up some natural vitamin D. A couple of days of sunshine can be just what any SEO needs to recharge the solar cells and head back to client work refreshed and ready to rock. And if we're lucky, we'll see a nice healthy glow on Tom's cheeks after the event.

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Distilled WIN: Jane Copland

Jane brings with her a wealth of hands-on knowledge from her days at SEOmoz and now Ayima. She's joining us to discuss "getting actions from competitor research" and is sure to make you think twice about how you examine a competitors link profile.


Soup you say? Why would anyone look forward to soup? Well my friend, this ain't no ordinary soup. THIS. IS. GUMBO! One of the staples of Louisiana, and enjoyed all over the South, Gumbo is at home in New Orleans. You can have yours with chicken and sausage, or go with my favourite: shrimp, crab and oysters. Believe me, If we could build links to gumbo we would.

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Distilled WIN: Russ Jones

We all know we need links, we all know linkbait is a great way to get those, but where do we go? Russ and Virante are at the forefront of exactly this. He's bringing along loads of data and real-life examples and case studies to help everyone get the most out of their creative work. You'll definitely want to be at this one.

NOLA WIN: Pirate Bar

There is only one thing SEOs love more than links: and that's Pirates. New Orleans has one of the best places in the US for the thirsty pirate and that is Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar. It's reputed to be one of the oldest structure's used as a bar in America. It's a great place to prop up your feet, enjoy a drink and discuss the finer things in life, like who would win in a fight, a Pirate or a Ninja?

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Distilled WIN: Chris Bennett

Chris runs the incredibly effective 97th Floor and is bringing his secrets with him for this one. Outreach is one of those things that most people have difficulty with making  work consistently. Chris has been nice enough to come and share his tips and tricks for what actually works in the "real world". Definitely come and learn how to make sure all of your hard work gets seen!

That's alot of Win for one city, but they don't call it The Big Easy for nothing!

Did I miss anything that is exciting you about coming along to New Orleans?


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