What to buy your SEO for Christmas

Christmas Tree PresentsWhatever you celebrate (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, etc.), there is always that nagging question of what to get for your local friendly SEO. (It is a nagging question, I think ...) I mean there are guides for personal trainers, mailmen, and even hairdressers, but what about the SEOs? We deserve some seasonal happiness too, right?

In light of the upcoming holidays, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for an SEO to help you out. If it's your company's SEO, a friend or loved oned, here are some are practical, funny, cheap and expensive ideas. And some just awesome in their own right (aka mushy). Enjoy!


I asked some friends in the SEO business what they wanted on Twitter and these were the overwhelming responses in the gadgets category. These are more ... serious and expensive ... so maybe best if you have an SEO as a family member or other loved one.

  • Fully Loaded iPad (@netmeg) - We love being mobile and getting new information almost every minute of the day, what better than an iPad?
  • 11in MacBook Air of Happiness (@AdvertisingGeek) - Okay, maybe the MacBook Air. It doesn't HAVE to be 11 inch, we don't get picky. I hear the MacBook Pro is a favorite too.


  • Netflix - You can gift a subscription for anyone, and SEOs are always working in odd places like coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and sometimes we need a little relaxing movie time in between projects.
  • Spotify (certain countries only) - My UK comrades would shoot me for not including this, but the US crew is still sobbing a bit as we can't get Spotify, yet. Needless to say, it's an AWESOME music service.
  • Stock Photos - As bloggers we are always looking for great images for our posts. So why not gift your favorite SEO a subscription or even just a few extra credits. This takes some work as I can't see how to gift this, but still love the idea. Shutterstock, wanna work on the gifting please? iStockPhotos? Anyone?


the core movie

  • Hot Pockets - Computer-based workers (ok, geeks) love hot pockets I hear, so why not gift a variety pack? (Who knows the reference? Points to the first commenter that gets this ... name of the movie.)
  • Spam - Yeah, sorry, had to add that in there.
  • Nutella Poptarts - They would be awesome wouldn't they? Since Poptarts haven't made them yet, think about a homemade gift of love. One SEO, Disa, asked for homemade cookies. Homemade is the way to go.
  • Coffee - If you can figure out how to pump caffeine into our veins directly, you have an SEO for life. No Seriously, a giftcard to an awesome local coffee shop (or Starbucks might work) is going to make most of us happier than a lark.

Other Physical Gifts

One thing to remember is that your SEO is online 24/7. Check out Amazon Wishlists or Delicious Christmas Lists. Search for their name, email, whatever you have, and you will be surprised how many have lists up and active.

Awesome Non-Physical Gifts

  • Blog Post Ideas (@NugeKnows) - This is a free gift for any SEO, we are always battling with what to write about.
  • The Google Algorithm or the Bing Algorithm - any one of us would heart this gift ... any takers?
  • Appreciation - inspired by Jennifer Lopez of SEOmoz, who said she had everything she's ever wanted. Love that sentiment.
  • No Internet for a Day (@joannalord) - What would happen if Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Bing all went down for a day? Hopefully sunshine, books, laughter and ponies.

Be sure to check out the 12 Days of SEO and Loren Baker's Wishlist for an SEO 2009.

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