Top Blog Posts From The Past Year

Being new to the Distilled team (NYC office…whop whop!) I found myself reading back in the blog archives and realizing, “Hey, there’s some wicked good stuff in here.” This ingenious thought spurred me to troll through a year’s worth of blog posts and create a “Best Of” post.

You may ask, “How did you decide what makes the cut?”

Great question!

I took all the blog posts from the last year (July 7,2010-2011) and filtered them by traffic and tweets. So without further ado, your favorite posts…

Top Posts By Unique Visits

1. How To Build Agile SEO Tools Using Google Docs
By Tom Critchlow (13,266)

2. Breaking Down the Mormon SEO Strategy
By Justin Briggs (8,754)

3. Using Jquery and Google Analytics Events to Track Form Abandonment
By Duncan Morris (5,875)

4. Youtube SEO
By David Sottimano (5,791)

5. Google’s Panda/Farmer Update – What To Do About It
By Tom Critchlow (4,726)

6. Building You Own Scraper for Link Analysis
By Justin Briggs (4,152)

7. How to do First Touch Tracking in Google Analytics
By Will Critchlow (3,263)

8. Impact of Google Instant
By Justin Briggs (3,097)

9. Are You A Victim Of Inception?
By Mark Johnstone (3,166)

10. How to Write a Link Request Based on Tips From OkCupid
By Geoff Kenyon (2,611)

Top Posts By Tweets

1. Creating Awesome Videos for SEO
By Phil Nottingham

2. Social Analytics: Recording +1 and Twitter button usage in Google Analytics
By Rob Ousbey

3. How User Data May Reorder Search Rankings
By Justin Briggs

4. The ImportXML Guide for Google Docs
By David Sottimano

5. How to Kick-Start SEO Projects
By Mark Johnstone

6. Google Loses Twitter Stream, Wins the Search Game (Opinion)
By John Doherty

7. How To Build Agile SEO Tools Using Google Spreadsheets
By Tom Critchlow

8. Recap of the Latest Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Enhancements
By Mike Pantoliano

9. Getting Started With The Free Linkscape API
By Benjamin Estes

10. Getting big links from big media sites, the fundamentals
By Lexi Mills

Honorable Mention

Microsoft Excel for SEO
By Mike Pantoliano

I would be remiss if I failed to mention this KILLER post from Mike. Although Mike’s guide wasn’t officially a blog post, it is a great reference to come back to.

Apparently you all felt the same, within the past year it had 30,413 unique views!!


There you have it, the post you found most and intriguing and worth sharing! If you haven’t read through some of these great posts I hope you find the time to catch up.  Or, if one of your favorite posts didn’t make it, let me know below!

Key Take Away

People love Justin.


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