Movember Is Here!

All during the month of November of 2011, many of the Distilled consultants threw away our razors and let our ‘staches grow in the name of men’s health. Some of us were so embarrassed by the end of November that we vowed to never do it again. Last year, we raised $1,044 for men’s health. This year, with fewer participants, we aim to raise more! Movember 2012 is here! Read on to learn about this year’s participants and how you can get involved.

How It Works

The system is set up to allow individual donations to foster some competition, but if you can’t decide from all the Mo’s below, you can always donate to the whole team here. The funds raised in the US support prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives, specifically the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG Foundation.

Returning Mo’s

Last year’s champion fundraiser, Shelley Wilson returns. Last year he raised $267, and look at that ‘stache! You can donate to him this year here.

Tom Neville returns this year, with a strong showing of $78 last year. You can donate to him here.

Richard Westenra is back, too. And thank goodness. Check out this TOTALLY unphotoshopped shot of him last year. He really got into it. You can donate to him here.

My Seattle ‘Mo counter part, Rob Ousbey, returns. This year he can scare his newborn with his mustache! You can donate to him here.

Lastly, I’m back! It wasn’t easy, but I’m happy to oblige. You can donate to me here.

The Newcomers!

We’ve added some new team members in the past year, and quite a few were pleased to join the movement (notice I didn’t capitalize the MO in MOvement...yeah, that would be cheesy).

Rob Toledo. Donate to him here.

James Daugherty. Donate to him here.

Luke Clum. Donate to him here.

Space The Shiba. Donate to him here.

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  1. Will Critchlow

    Last year was a horrific experience for all around me. I shall be supporting financially.

    Good luck chaps.

    reply >
  2. how am I supposed to raise more money than a dog with a mustache -- nothing is funnier than dogs with mustaches....

    reply >
  3. Good on you guys, I have to say I have raised the idea of participating in Movember personally however my wife has indicated that it would result in a very solitary month for me if you know what i mean. She has always been very open about her beard fear though so I guess it's to be expected. Instead I will be taking Will's lad and i'll be supportive in a more financial sense. Thanks again guys for being one of the rare few to send worthy information to my inbox so regularly.

    reply >
  4. Challenge accepted!

    reply >
  5. You guys rock the mustache and all. Wake me up on December.

    reply >
  6. There is a serious lack of update photos here. I think I've outdone myself for my 3rd year, mutton chops and all.

    reply >

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