Find (Almost) Anybody’s Email Address

With great power, comes great responsibility. I'm entrusting this tool to you with the understanding that Distilled readers will use it sensibly.

When doing outreach and linkbuilding, it's often more effective to be able to send someone an email directly, rather than trying to use a contact form. Instead of hunting through a website to find someone's email address, this process will speed things up and help you find the address you're looking for.

(This video contains text, menus and spreadsheet cells worth seeing. I recommend you watch it full screen, and in the highest quality that your internet connection will allow.)

The important things you'll need for running through this process:

  • A Gmail account, if you don't have one already
  • The Rapportive plugin from to get rich contact information inside Gmail
  • The Google Doc spreadsheet at

Remember that you'll have to be logged into your Google account in order to make your own copy of the document.

UPDATE 2014: Constant changes at Gmail have meant that the actual way to use this has changed over time. Right now, you only need to hover your cursor over an email address - even in the 'to' field of an email that you're composing. When you hover, wait a second or two, and you'll see the details appear in the Rapportive sidebar.

It's worth mentioning: this tool ONLY uses publicly available data (Rapportive has a published policy on data and privacy) and it can't help you find the email address of people who want to keep it hidden.

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