Find (Almost) Anybody’s Email Address

With great power, comes great responsibility. I’m entrusting this tool to you with the understanding that Distilled readers will use it sensibly.

When doing outreach and linkbuilding, it’s often more effective to be able to send someone an email directly, rather than trying to use a contact form. Instead of hunting through a website to find someone’s email address, this process will speed things up and help you find the address you’re looking for.

(This video contains text, menus and spreadsheet cells worth seeing. I recommend you watch it full screen, and in the highest quality that your internet connection will allow.)

The important things you’ll need for running through this process:

  • A Gmail account, if you don’t have one already
  • The Rapportive plugin from to get rich contact information inside Gmail
  • The Google Doc spreadsheet at

Remember that you’ll have to be logged into your Google account in order to make your own copy of the document.

UPDATE 2014: Constant changes at Gmail have meant that the actual way to use this has changed over time. Right now, you only need to hover your cursor over an email address - even in the ‘to’ field of an email that you’re composing. When you hover, wait a second or two, and you’ll see the details appear in the Rapportive sidebar.

It’s worth mentioning: this tool ONLY uses publicly available data (Rapportive has a published policy on data and privacy) and it can’t help you find the email address of people who want to keep it hidden.

Rob Ousbey

Rob Ousbey

Rob joined Distilled’s London office in 2008 as an SEO Consultant. Over the years, he’s developed and executed SEO strategy for clients from small businesses to large organizations, and managed Distilled’s Reputation Management projects, where he’s...   read more

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  1. Lorenzo

    Great tool Rob, I love it. Linkbuilding outreach will be so much easier from now on.
    In case the person has not linked the email to his social media accounts, do you think it's possible to actually build a similar tool that verifies if the generated emails exist or not?

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  2. great video and tool Rob, found it really useful and will defo be using this method thanks

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  3. Rob,

    This is a great tool!

    I used to use the same sort of method with Jigsaw (minus the nifty tool you made.) I would select the "edit a listing" option and guess various emails until one showed up. Then, of course, you know that it is correct.

    Another benefit is that once you know the email structure of a particular company, you can probably easily guess numerous other company employees. For example, if the format is "last name + first letter of first name" you now know how to start your search.

    Now let's hope that this method doesn't get abused...


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  4. Kalpesh

    I loved this tool but the only problem that i am facing is that how i am going to fins email address if i don't know the contact person name? Some of the site has only contact us form and no name. It will be helpful If you can provide me any tips on how to pull email of the website if i don't know the contact person name.


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    • Yes, this method is explicitly for when you know the name of a particular person.

      That said, you can often find email addresses on a site or in their WHOIS data. I think that Buzzstream has a reasonably effective tool for finding email addresses mentioned on a site.

  5. Jan

    Good job Rob, great tool!

    I didn't use Rapportive although I occasionally do some outreach that requires looking up e-mail addresses of people. It was on my list of to-installs for a long time, though. The first think that came to my mind when trying it out was to input some generic addresses when trying to contact admins of small blogs. I think putting in;; etc. may be a good thing, especially for personal domains such as e.g.

    What do you think?

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  6. So useful it isn't even funny. I have my fingers crossed people don't get too out of control with this, let's keep it as locked down in the industry as we can. Image what could happen...

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  7. Daniel

    Will it only pull up data from e-mail addresses that also use Rapportive? There are plenty of people that I look to contact that aren't really in the blogosphere.

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  8. Hi Rob,

    I have been using Rapportive plugin from many days but i didn't know the proper use of that tool. Thanks a lot for telling us this method. ;)
    I really like the way you have described in video.



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  9. Doug

    Like Jeff, I'm keeping my fingers properly crossed, as the upside and downside possibilities are astonishing. Clear, excellent video, too--thanks so much, Rob.

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  10. JW

    Does no one else sense a touch of stalker about this?

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  11. Great trick Rob,
    Surely going to try for some email addresses. Thanks for the tip! Really Loved Rapportive. Learned a new use of it.


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  12. Great hack Rob. Let's hope they don't close this gap due to abuse...

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  13. To clarify for people who don't get what Rob means by publicly available data (at least, based on what I got from the vid): you can get anybody's email address from rapportive by guessing ... but ONLY if Rapportive has it, too. (i.e. if it's public AND rapportive scraped it.)

    A very useful tool ... but limited by the core database. Worth knowing, to avoid such presumptions as "next week we'll reach out to the heads of the world's 30 biggest ad agencies" using Rapportive. Cuz they may or may not be in the database.

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  14. using rapportive from last 1year.. it helps and some time it waste time :) but yes. great power comes with great responsibility... :) else u ll keep hovering through social media profiles of of ur email contacts.

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  15. Johnson Gopal

    Hey man,
    This is very useful and you done a good job.
    Thanks to share this.

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  16. Brian

    Thanks Rob, really helps and great time saver in researching emails. Great tool & teaching.

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  17. Greate Work Rob! I found some e-mails already! )

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  18. Undoubtedly, It is an amazing service that allows anyone to lookup for everyone's email contact. But don't you think, it might be the violation of someone's privacy?

    The public mention of anyone's email ID is sort of privacy breach. I do remember, when earlier this season Twitter banned a journalist account, on just publishing someone's email ID on his twitter account.

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  19. Phil Nottingham

    You're very intelligent.

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  20. Hey Rob,

    Good stuff here. There's actually a few more tools that you can use outside of rapportive to find someone's email address when there is no data on a particular contact in the rapleaf api which rapportive is built on top of. One I like in particular is which checks whether there is actually an account associated with a mail server.

    There's a few other tools I use to do this which I outline in a post here on how to find anyone's email address -

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  21. shaahid

    wow.......hats off

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  22. lauren

    i have followed the instructions, but there are no ads or pictures at all on the right sidebar of my gmail. how do i enable this? my left sidebar is the inbox/drafts/etc... folder but nothing on the right, and no empty space. the inbox extends till the scroll bar on the window.

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    • Hi Lauren; the way that Rapportive integrates into the new Gmail compose window seems to break the nice, simple way of doing this.

      The quickest thing to do now seems to be to reply/forward an existing email. Enter email addresses into the 'to' box there, and when you hover over / click on each one, you should see the Rapportive details for that email address.

  23. Jason

    It doesn't let me make a copy of the doc

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    • You'll need to be logged into a Google account before you can create a copy.

      When you're logged in, you should be able to see your account name/image in the top right corner.

  24. Priscilla Bennette

    This is super neat! I do have one question - when I copy the potential emails into the "to" section of my gmail, it puts quotes around each email alias and commas after each one too. I am unable to scroll through each email as you did in the video. Do you know how to fix this?

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  25. I built Toofr to share the best email syntax pattern at about 500,000 domains. Rather than testing with Rapportive, you can take a first and last name from LinkedIn, an article, anywhere.. And get the email address from the pattern.

    It's got its limitations but it seems to work about 80% of the time when you use the patterns on a big email list. For smaller batches, the Rapportive trick works if you have the time.

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  26. Brian Queen

    Great Job, Rob. I've been using Rapportive for quite a while in Firefox (OS X Mountain Lion). Unfortunately, I can't seem to do the very simple cut/paste operation in Google Drive once I get my e-mail results list. I've tried all sorts of highlight/copy/paste operations, but the results are nil...the copy operation doesn't work. Any suggestions?

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  27. ian

    Hi Google have forced me to use their new mail service and it does not seem to support the tool anymore. This is sad or am I just very thick?

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  28. Rob

    Nice work.

    Unfortunately though, this doesn't work with the latest version of G-mail.

    The rhs windows from Rapportive only appears for messages already sent.


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  29. Rob

    Please disregard my previous comment. I saw the workaround described to Lauren.


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  30. This is why people say "SEO = spam"

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  31. TJ

    I tried to locate a person's email and using the permutator and rapportive it showed 3 email addresses as "valid". Do you know why this would be? Which is correct?

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  32. Just found this article and and installed Rapportive. It is amazing! I can't believe I've been missing out on this all this time. Great post and info - thanks!

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  33. Here's a quick and simple way to use Rob's technique with the new LinkedIn "Contacts" functionality:

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  34. Michael Goldberg

    Great post Rob. How time consuming is your tool. If one has 25 variations, is it not quicker to try and google search the string? Mailtester is also a good tool, but I like the variations the tool give us. Thanks again for sharing this great tip.


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  35. Pison

    Unfortunately though, this doesn’t work with the latest version of G-mail.

    reply >
    • zai

      not working for me either

    • Angie

      I tried it using the new version of Gmail. I also installed apps to revert back to the old version but still it did not work. Please help! I desperately need this for work.

  36. Gallardo

    It is a good tool if a person email is made out of his name and last name, but not if it is something else.. then the possibility to find the persons email is equal to 0.

    For example if a persons email is (and it is supposedly the right one) the finding it with this method is what? 0% Well maybe 1%

    Or am I wrong?

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  37. KL

    Thanks, helped with what i was looking for.

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  38. Jessie Duerksen

    It does work. I just used it and it's amazing!!

    From above:
    Hi Lauren; the way that Rapportive integrates into the new Gmail compose window seems to break the nice, simple way of doing this.

    The quickest thing to do now seems to be to reply/forward an existing email. Enter email addresses into the 'to' box there, and when you hover over / click on each one, you should see the Rapportive details for that email address.

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  39. Cam

    Does this tool still work with the new "Improved" version of gmail?

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  40. Dirk Diggler

    Yeah, I've been doing this for years with a .cvs file in Linkedin, but my small brain was never able to figure out how to create formula's in excel to automate the data entry of the spreadsheet. This does have potential, but someone needs to create a google spreadsheet (or .cvs file) that works with multiple email domains (at least the Top 3, gmail, yahoo, hotmail). This would be a time saver. Also, there are a couple email variations that need to be considered. For example first letter of first name, first letter of middle name, underscore, last name at email domain. That's one I see from time to time. There are others missing from this spreadsheet.

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  41. Prabhu Raja P

    Really its very useful...... Great!!!

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  42. Archana Mehta

    Superb Rob!!! This tool have helped me a lot, thank you!!!

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