How Starbucks can enter the Third Space online

While Starbucks isn’t a client of ours, we think it’s a fascinating brand. On the surface, Starbucks appears to have all the components required to “future proof” its success: a massive social media following and customer base; a consistent, global coffee experience; and an in depth knowledge of its individual customers through its Starbucks Card program. Yet there are significant ways in which it could improve its online marketing.

At Distilled, we've talked about the future of user behaviour. Broadly speaking there are three key rules in this new big brand landscape:

  1. Dollars don't buy lasting attention. You must build your own loyal audience.

  2. Everyone has a voice. Everyone can contribute.

  3. Digital literacy means both understanding today's technologies, and how people and organisations are using them.

Big brands don't hold defensible positions in this new landscape. There is no exemption ticket. Without conforming to the new rules now and in the future, even the biggest brands will decay and lie vulnerable to competitors who “get it”.

In the slidedeck above, we outline a suggested strategy and small first steps for Starbucks to leverage their existing strengths and assets so they can hold a defensible position in this new landscape.

We believe it is our job to effect change. We do this by thinking BIG and starting small.

Your first small step is to sign up for the Big Brand report, Brandopolis - coming this October 23rd - and learn how big brands are making their mark online.

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