Distilled SEO interviews

Distilled interviews

I love reading interviews. I also enjoy biographies, and interviews can be like mini-biographies (perhaps just about one bit of a person's life or work).

The big names in SEO / blogging / online marketing get interviewed all the time (and must turn down even more interview requests). But there are a whole host of people who are either working alongside those guys or who are simply on their way up who are incredibly interesting. During the course of our networking (ok, and socialising) we get to meet quite a lot of them, so we thought we would introduce a new category on the blog: Distilled SEO interviews.

To go with the new category, we have a shiny microphone icon to use to introduce our interviewees (courtesy of our new designer, Leonie) and, to kick off the series, we have Scott Willoughby from SEOmoz. Scott is a great guy who works slightly behind the scenes compared to Rand, Rebecca and Jane who all write on their blog more frequently. We were really excited to see what he had to say... Head on over and read for yourself

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