New Adwords Plusbox Feature Being Tested

In amongst all the kerfuffle of the searchology news I've noticed something else new being tested on adwords. I'm not sure if this is a permanent change for a select number of sites or if it's the start of a new change but when I search for 'small dog' in the US I see the following adwords result:


Expanding that plusbox shows me this:


Interesting huh! I wonder where Google is pulling those extra products from? They have long descriptions, price tags and nice images. Is this actually something that's been out for a while and I've just not seen it before? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Update: Turns out this isn't that new after all. It's a test which has been ongoing for some time. The products are pulled from Google Base apparently. Check out the full Searchengineland story for more info.

Update 2: Thanks to tomsmith1984 who spotted this happening in the UK which I think might be a first: searching for littlewoods shows a plusbox for them in the UK.

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