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With less than two weeks left until the SearchLove London speakers take to the stage, we thought we’d give you an insight into what makes them tick. Below is a sneak peek of some of the answers they gave to our SearchLove questions…

Amelia ShowalterWe sat down with the former Director of Digital Analytics on the 2012 re-election campaign of President Barack Obama, Amelia Showalter to ask: What’s the best marketing tactic or strategy you have seen?

“The saved-payment-information system known as Quick Donate that we used on the Obama campaign (and is now offered by Blue State Digital) was pretty fantastic at getting people to donate again”. 

Wil-ReynoldsA lot of people look up to Wil Reynolds as a figure head in the industry, but Who is it that he admires and why?

I admire Brad Aronson, one of my advisers. He found a way to grow a search agency, still spend a ton of time volunteering, and always prioritized his family over everything else.  In other words, he did the biz thing, ran a fast growth company but never forgot his roots as a counsellor and a great father / husband.  It’s hard to keep that balance and I thank God every day that I have mentors like him around”.

bridget (1)Bridget Randolph joined Distilled just over a year ago and has quickly made a name for herself within the industry, focusing on Mobile search. We asked her: What do you think the future of the search industry holds?

Greater integration with other forms of marketing, both online and offline; more emphasis on ‘mobile’/other device-based experiences, while also requiring a seamless UX cross-channel and cross-device; virtual/enhanced reality and personalization as bigger factors for search and online marketing”.

Peep LajaConversion guru Peep Laja founded Markitekt, a site dedicated to helping businesses make more sales online, but we wanted to know: If you could have founded any other company what would it be?

“Working on all those ecommerce sites makes me want to start an ecommerce business”.

Will Critchlow, CMOAs a veteran of the online industry, we wanted to know what keeps Will Critchlow, founder of Distilled, motivated by asking: What do you find most exciting about working in Search?

“The connection between hard theoretical problems and real business outcomes. I love the fact that understanding how the internet actually works can help us grow businesses”.

Paul MaddenPartner at LinkRisk Paul Madden is another expert of the online industry. We were intrigued to ask him: Who (in this industry or another) do you most admire and why? 

“I currently have a stalker like relationship with everything Elon Musk does and have done ever since he founded x.com. Anyone who can take on electric vehicles, solar and space all at one time is someone who deserves respect. For me he is the most inspirational figure in tech for some time”.

Aleyda SolisAleyda Solis joined the ranks at SEER recently, but has been making her name in International SEO for quite some time. So, we wanted to know: What’s the one piece of advice you have been given that really stuck?

“To get out of my comfort zone and always try something new! I ask myself: What’s the worst that can happen? This allows me to always think on new strategies, tactics or test alternative options in my work”.

Marco MontemagnoMarco Montemagno, or ‘The Tech Alchemist’ as he’s perhaps more commonly known, is going to be sharing his story about building a brand with just a small budget. But, we wanted to know, if budget wasn’t an issue: Who would be in your online marketing dream team?

“Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Dynamo, Tom Hanks and The Pope!”

Danny ScheinmannStoryteller Danny Scheinmann is going to be sharing his top writing and storytelling tips with us in just two weeks’ time so we asked: What’s the one piece of advice you have been given that really stuck?

“Whenever you have an idea, take a small step towards it. If that step leads to another step, keep walking. A friend said this to me many years ago and I’ve followed it ever since. If I have an idea I’ll make a call to someone, or I’ll write something. I’ll test the idea before judging it. Too many ideas get killed too early". 

ChrisandTreeje-150CEO of 97th Floor, Chris Bennett is going to be sharing his take on ‘How to win fans and influence users’ but who is he a fan of? We asked: Who does he most admire and why?

“Rand Fishkin and Danny Sullivan are the two that I really look up to the most. Danny, for seeing the big picture and vision for the future of the industry and helping to push everyone there. Rand because he is going against the grain of traditional business and pushing inbound tactics in a business world that still spends so much money on non-targeted blanket approaches".

Abby CovertAll the way from the US, Abby Covert is joining us to share her insights into the user experience, but we wanted to know: What do you think the future holds for the Search industry?

“I think the future of search is maybe one of the most interesting to watch in the near term. We are getting leaps and bounds better at wrangling data in an intelligible way and more and more technologists are becoming interested in creating experiences that connect that data to the users who want it. I expect to see great things as natural language really starts to permeate the way we use search engines”.

craig-bradford-profileDistilled’s own Craig Bradford is taking to the SearchLove stage for the first time to talk us through how ‘You don’t need more traffic – Learn to leverage the 99% that aren’t customers’ which ties in to what he had to say when we asked: What’s the one piece of advice you have been given that really stuck?

"This wasn’t given to me personally but is something I read in the personal MB – 'The purpose of a customer isn’t to get a sale. The purpose of a sale is to get a customer' – Bill Glazer". Craig loved this as it shifts the focus of sales onto the life-time value of the customer which is something he feels passionate about.

Kelvin NewmanKelvin is more widely known for hosting his own conference, Brighton SEO, but this time he’ll be stepping to the front of the SearchLove stage. We asked him: Who is your content crush?

“I’ve huge respect for the work being carried out by BrewDog, they know what they stand for and what they stand against, they’ve got a crystal clear aesthetic vision and everything they do seems so joined up. In the way Innocent is the go-to example of branding of the last few years, I think we’ll be talking about BrewDog in a similar way soon”.

Nathalie NahaiNathalie Nahai, or ‘The Web Psych’, revealed she is a big fan of Distilled as we asked the question: Who would be in your online marketing dream team?

“That’s an easy one: Rory Sutherland: for his fabulous creativity, dazzling irreverence and his ability to turn even the most banal anecdote into a rollercoaster of a story. Distilled’s Phil Nottingham and Will Critchlow: for their incisive intellects, British wit and for generally being very naughty boys. Mackenzie Fogelson: a smart, talented, gorgeous woman whose smarts are matched only by her yumminess. Beware, this lass will make you laugh your pants off. The genius that came up with my fave marketing campaign of 2012: TNT’s A dramatic surprise on a quiet square”.

Simon PensonFor Simon Penson, founder and MD of Zazzle Media, we asked: What do you find most interesting about working in Search?

“I’m a big fan of change and there are few environments that offer such constant flux. It’s a challenge that gets me excited each and every morning. I’m also a fan of the data-led argument and search is an industry where that rules supreme. Increasingly also, as the web matures, content is the critical medium with which to reach and engage with your audience and that’s my background. Being at the forefront of that switch is very exciting”.

Want to know more about our awesome speakers? Well, you’ll have the opportunity to ask them your own burning questions at the SearchLove networking events, as well as listening to their insightful revelations as they take to the SearchLove stage.

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