Sessions Announced for SearchLove Boston 2013!

With just 8 weeks to go until we descend on Boston for another 2 jam-packed days of all things Search, we realised it was about time to reveal what's in store from our incredible line-up of speakers this year. We're super proud and excited by the group of speakers we've secured for you, in fact, we'd probably say its our best line-up to date! You can't possibly afford to miss out, register your place today!

So let's get this ball rolling, I can promise you that we've covered everything from CRO to International, Local to Video, Technical to Content, Link Building to Analytics, and everything in between. It's going to be awesome!

Monday May 20th:

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To kick off proceedings and to lead us on our two day adventure will be our wonderful emcee and CEO Duncan Morris. If you have any questions you're dying to ask one of the speakers, then Duncan is your go-to guy!



Neil Patel

Neil Patel, KISSmetrics: Consulting Lessons from the Frontline - Having consulted with companies of all sizes - from start-up to Fortune 500 Neil (co-founder of Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics) will be sharing his war stories. Covering team structure, project management and effecting change this promises to be a session jam-packed with actionable advice.

Abby Covert

Abby Covert - Abby the IA: Search is the Front Door to UX - The time when we could rely on the home page of our website to be the front door to a user's experience is officially over. Suddenly users are more savvy in their browsing and the amount of content the internet has to offer is wide and deep. Organizations now have to create a great user experience that begins from any place a user might end up. Even places they don't fully control - the most common example of which is search. This shift has had major implications around how closely those responsible for awareness efforts, such as search marketers, uphold the principles of good user experience in the way they do their work. In this talk, search marketers will learn principles and concepts for considering user experience when formulating search marketing strategy.

Eppie Vojt

Eppie Vojt - Red Ventures: Scaling Outreach (Without Looking Like an Idiot) - The quest for links (and ultimately rankings) can cause us all to do some pretty foolish things. Trying to build links at scale has killed article directories, flooded blog posts with comment spam, overrun forums, and generally made the internet a less lovely place. This presentation focuses on scaling outreach-based link building the right way -- automating away the tedious portions while still maintaining enough control to be responsible citizens of the web.

wil-reynolds-SEER Interactive

Wil Reynolds - SEER Interactive: How We Get Unstuck! - How to break through creative lulls in your link building, content development, and outreach. We will cover an idea generating process that Wil is playing with at SEER for creating assets that build links, get organizational buy-in, and get your clients excited. We'll also talk about when good ideas go to crap, how to resuscitate them and keep getting the links you deserve.


Kate Morris - Distilled: Languages and Countries: Growing Internationally the Right Way - The Internet is a global community but that doesn’t mean launching your business internationally is easy or cheap. Distilled's Kate Morris will be discussing how search engines deal with international business, walking us through picking the right strategy and executing for the best results. She’ll be covering HREFLANG implementation and relationship (read: link) building in other countries. 


Pete Meyers - SEOmoz: Do-It-Yourself Data-Driven Content - Intimidated by “big data” and just plain exhausted by infographics? There’s a wide world of data-driven content in between, and it’s just waiting to be discovered. This is the story of how a crazy idea and $20/month worth of proxy IPs became a major data-science initiative and content-marketing platform. Learn how to love “small data”, how to find and build your own data sources, and discover new ways to package that data into compelling content.


John Doherty - Distilled: Creating Executive Support for Marketing Initiatives - SEO is easy, but getting things done with executives is extremely difficult. In this talk, we will explore not only how to get the information you need to make data-driven decisions, but also how to communicate the potential and necessity of the work and changes to the executive level to procure the budget and backing needed to create change internally.

Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski - SEO by the Sea: Future Search - Tomorrow will bring us new ranking signals, new ways to display search results, and devices that may make desktop search seem old fashioned. This presentation on the future of search will explore many of the hints we see from places like patents and papers on what search will look like with knowledge bases and named entities, predictive and parameter-less queries, social and semantic search, and enable us to anticipate some of the changes that will come our way.


Rand Fishkin - SEOmoz: Behavioural Psychology and Inbound Marketing - Earning awareness, growing traffic, increasing conversions, and delighting customers are all rooted in the art of marketing. But that art can learn a lot from the studies and data about human behaviour. How do we get more visitors to share our content on social networks? How do we make a pricing page convert more viewers into customers? How do we make our emails drive more action? Sometimes, it just takes the right kind of nudge.

Lets get Real

Let's Get Real! - All Speakers

The last session on Monday will see all 18 speakers take to the stage to reveal one useful tip that they have discovered. They will share these tips in secret, no tweeting allowed, so you have to be there to hear them.

The final session will be followed by an exclusive networking party for all attendees and speakers! This is always a fantastic night of free drinks, games and good company to help you wind down after the first day.


Tuesday May 21st

Mackenzie Fogelson

Mackenzie Fogelson - Mack Web Solutions: Think Differently: How to Use Content, SEO, and Social Media to Achieve (Big) Goals for Your Business - SEO, social media, and content marketing are perfect for building a community, but ultimately they’re only the tools. The true objective is to meet your business goals, growing your company into what you want it to be. Mack will reveal a sustainable approach and process that goes beyond the tools, focusing instead on who and what a company should be, and on building a thriving community around your brand.


Will Critchlow - Distilled: The Importance of Technical SEO - As the search engines get better at crawling and understanding all kinds of websites and content, it's tempting to think there's no place for technical SEO. Will doesn't believe that. He's going to bring us up to speed on the complexities of modern web technologies and help us understand where to focus our technical attention.

Tony Adam Tony Adams - Eventup: Growth and Holistic Online Marketing for Start-ups - Growth at a start-up or small business is extremely important for generating revenue or raising venture capital funding to scale up your hopes and dreams. While doing this, there is a common fallacy that you have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on paid media and that you can be limited by your small marketing budget. This session is to prove the exact opposite is true; with a small budget, smart tactics, and a holistic marketing strategy, you can drive significant traffic, customer growth, and revenue. You'll learn how to tie your entire marketing strategy together and get the most bang for your buck out of your marketing budget.

annie-cushing-SEER Interactive

 Annie Cushing - Annielytics: Take Credit Where Credit's Due - Marketers don't take enough credit for their work. That will turn around when you learn some of the more common pitfalls of reporting on marketing campaigns, as well as how to offset them. As usual, Annie will also share some tools and custom reports that you will be able to start using in your GA accounts to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Phil Nottingham

Phil Nottingham - Distilled: Leveraging Video for Link Building - Taking a deep dive into link building with video, Distilled's Phil Nottingham will be running through the tactical wins that video content can bring to your link building strategy and efforts to get famous.


Ross Hudgens - Siege Media: Actionable Content Marketing Tactics - In this session, Ross Hudgens will give you several actionable ways to drive more relevant traffic to your website - through links, social media, email, and more. Ross promises that every attendee will leave with something to implement or take action on.


Rebecca Churt - HubSpot: Why Personas Should be Central to Your SEO Strategy - Everyone knows that the audience should be the center of your marketing efforts — but how are you incorporating them into your SEO strategy? Marketing personas, or profiles of your target audience, are not only imperative for content creation and communication, but essential for SEO. Dive into HubSpot's tried and true persona methodology to go way deeper than you've ever gone before; covering everything from how to create useful personas, to how they benefit search and drive results.

Mike Blumenthal

Mike Blumenthal - Blumenthals: The Anatomy of Local Search Results: The Triggers and Implications for Local and Organic Tactics - Mike will be exploring the types of local search results and where Google gets the data. Post Venice, Google has been triggering more local results based on organic rank. Mike will explore this concept in depth and use it to demonstrate techniques for competitive analysis and suggest tactics depending on the results.


Will Critchlow: The Future for Search Marketers: As Google gets better at rewarding real businesses, great websites and exceptional content, what is the role for search specialists? Will wants you guys - the SEO experts, technical specialists and content marketers - to be tomorrow's CMOs. He will round out the conference with his personal development road map for getting there.

So that's a wrap, I hope that's enough to whet your appetite for now.. you can expect a couple of other sessions thrown in for good measure at the conference too. In case you're after general details of the conference, just head over to this page, plus you'll find our FAQ page there too. If there's anything more you need to know just drop us a line:

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