Back to The Brewery: this year’s SearchLove London session announcements

SearchLove London has crept up on us faster than we thought possible and there's now just five weeks to go until hundreds of online marketers descend on the capital for our hottest conference to date.

With world class speakers, an aptly named venue (The Brewery), and an array of in-house SEOS, marketing managers, business owners and the like, all eager to learn the latest in the world of online marketing, it’s about time we revealed the session descriptions for this year’s two-day conference!

If you haven’t already got your ticket, fear not, there’s still a few left at the seasonably good rate of £899+VAT (or £1149+VAT for the VIP ticket which includes a private dining experience at an exclusive London venue. Tickets are very limited though, so book now to avoid missing out).

Get your ticket now to SearchLove London 2013!

Now, back to that rather exciting announcement - the sessions.

Without further ado, here’s what you have to look forward to at this year’s SearchLove London:

LinkLove London 2013

Amelia Showalter -  What drives action online? Lessons from the front line of testing.

Amelia Showalter was the Director of Digital Analytics for Obama's re-election campaign. Named last year as one of "the most eligible hires in techdom", she has unparalleled experience with online testing approaches and results. She is going to share her stories and experiences - giving us insights into the kinds of lessons you can only learn operating at massive scale.

Wil Reynolds - Google approved paid links? Yes, there is such a thing.

Did you think paid links were a no-no? This isn't the case at all. Last month, Wil gave $10k to the SEER team so they could test paid content. In this session, he reveals some of the channels he used such as Taboola, Twitter, Outbrain, niche networks for gamers, etc. He will also share exactly what he learned, the impact it had, and how in certain verticals he realized they could obtain more links with paid content than in usual outreach - if you do #RCS, you can perform paid linking, and Google won't mind one bit.

Bridget RandolphSo you have a mobile-friendly website...what now?

Global mobile web usage has been increasing exponentially, and we all know by now that we need a mobile strategy. But building a mobile-friendly website is just the first step. What happens next? This presentation will walk you through the following steps to building a comprehensive mobile strategy. We'll look at recent trends and stats as well as real-life examples to discover the best tactics for future-proofing your online presence.

Peep Laja5 Steps to persuasive web design

When it comes to boosting online conversions, web design exists primarily for this: to influence and drive visitors down the funnel. Drawing from the latest research on neuro web design and the results of numerous tests, Peep will show you a framework for persuasive web design that you can use for influencing user behavior on your website. You'll get practical insights on what makes online visitors tick and how to incorporate these into your web design for increasing online conversions right away.

Will Critchlow - Making your mark online: local business edition

We've all seen the changing local search ranking factors and seen the procession of changes Google has made on the journey from maps to places to local. When you look at the whole landscape, however, the effective tactics for small and local businesses have changed. Will is going to highlight specific, actionable approaches that have made local businesses famous and show you how you can harness them for your business.

Paul MaddenGoodbye spam, hello data!

Paul takes us on a journey through the last few years of SEO and links. You will learn what changed and how Google has manipulated the way we view their most important signal. Through his own progression from a creator of easy links through to the realisation of the need to change, the battle to gather and analyse the huge data needed to understand the new signals and his experience in using it to understand how to prevent or solve the problem.

Aleyda SolisFrom unknown foreigner to local star: How to succeed at real (not ideal) international SEO scenarios.

Choosing between language vs. country targeting, using ccTLDs vs. sub-folders, handling content duplication issues across different country-targeted websites and fixing search results cannibalization between your different international sites. Aleyda is going to be teaching us all of these things and more in her talk. Forget about ideal International SEO scenarios and learn to achieve success facing the most common and tricky challenges managing an internationally targeted SEO campaign.

Marco Montemagno15 years of unconventional marketing: How to launch something new online at low/no budget. Italian style.

Fast track your skills and learn how to launch your project online at low or no budget with Marco Montemagno: ex table tennis player and lawyer turned digital entrepreneur and TV Host. Benefit from 15 years experience condensed into a 45 minute how-to session from the founder of Italy's largest blog network who hosted a tech talk show on Sky News for 7 years interviewing the likes of Al Gore, Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer, Seth Godin and many more. You may even pick up a few table tennis tips!

Danny ScheinmannTelling stories

Research shows that stories, anecdotes and metaphors are more memorable than data. This session will look at why stories work and what are the hidden structures behind them; how stories work in business and how can they be used to communicate effectively.

Chris Bennett - How to win fans and influence users

Content marketing is not a new term, however most businesses still fail to grasp the concept effectively. In this session Chris Bennett is going to show you how to get internal buy in for long term BIG content strategies. How to get your clients to approve budget to swing for the fences and how to carry out successful campaigns from start to finish. Chris will share several real life case studies of effective content marketing and how it can effect a business, from social shares to links and rankings all the way to making the sale.

Abby CovertLessons from an ontology nerd

What makes something unclear? Often it is the misunderstandings of meaning. Search is no exception. Ontology is the study of meaning. In this session, learn useful tools for wrangling the ontological beasts of your next project. How are words and models chosen in your business? Is there shared meaning between your colleagues? Your users? Does ontological confusion affect the structures and choreography of your user experience?

Craig Bradford - You don’t need more traffic  -  Learn to leverage the 99% that aren't customers

As an industry we focus on more; more traffic, more links, more shares – but sometimes it’s better to focus on what you’ve got. In this presentation, Distilled’s Craig Bradford will show how mixing smart analytics and CRO principles can help you leverage the 99% of traffic that you already receive but get no value from.

Kelvin NewmanGraph Theory, the most important theory in search that no one talks about....

The Link Graph, the Social Graph, the Knowledge Graph... So much of digital marketing has a relationship with Graph Theory,  but unless you studied Maths or Computer Science the topic may have completely passed you by, but once you get your head round how it works you will have a much better understanding of how the search engines work now (and will in the future).

The Future For Search

Search is at an inflection point, and over the next couple of years a lot is going to change. This session will highlight some major trends in technology and search, outline how they intersect, and show how these intersections are going to affect the way that people search.

Nathalie NahaiCulturability: Are you alienating half your audience?  

Your site may be giving off the wrong psychological signals and causing potential customers to click away. In this revealing presentation, Nathalie explores how cultural differences impact your business, and explains some of the winning tactics you can use to improve your customer experience and convert more customers.

Simon Penson - The new rules of big content promotion

With focus switching from quantity to quality in the digital environment, Simon will be sharing a tried and tested process to maximize the impact from any investment in 'big' content. To leverage positive ROI from such a project, it is critical to make a success of the distribution or promotional part of the campaign and the presenter will walk the audience through a tried and tested, step-by-step process to maximizing reach covering everything from placement on major sites to other angles of attack that are not always covered off by traditional campaigns.

Mark Borkowski - So on trend even he doesn't know yet... Mark will be revealing his thoughts and giving actionable advice on the most up-to-date PR tactics. So on trend will his talk be in fact, that he won’t be finalising the subject matter until just a couple of weeks before the conference! With a back catalogue of clients including Macaulay Culkin, Sir Cliff Richard and Shirley Bassey, we've no doubt whatever Mark shares, it’s going to be incredibly valuable!

More than just a conference…

Along with the epic list of sessions, you’re also in for a treat with networking opportunities such as:

Lunch time topic tables

LinkLove 2013 Conference,London

Conferences are a great place to network but rather than getting stuck talking to the same person all day about a topic that doesn't interest you, why not sign up for one of our lunch time topic tables? Simply register during registration on the Monday morning and join your chosen table at lunch time.

Led by Distilled’s expert consultants, with topics including; Video Marketing, UX, Link Building, Community Building, Dataviz & Data Journalism, Small Business marketing and Mobile SEO, there’s plenty to choose from!

Party time

LinkLove 2013 Conference,London-AfterParty

As day one draws to a close, the excitement continues as we head straight to Amber bar for an evening of networking with the speakers, catching up with industry friends (or making new ones) and the chance to unwind after the first day’s sessions. What’s more, we’re facilitating the networking with a generous bar tab and some party nibbles so that you won’t go hungry.

Site Clinics

LinkLove 2013 Conference,LondonFor those who signed up ahead of time for the site clinics, these will be taking place during Tuesday’s lunch break. For everyone else, this is your chance to catch up with new contacts from last night’s party or discuss the morning’s sessions. For those needing to refresh, we have masseuses who will help ease away the tension from all that furious note-typing. There’s still some site clinic slots left, simply email with your site info and we'll send you a form.

More networking

LinkLove 2013 Conference,London

Even when the sessions are over, the fun doesn’t stop yet as we head to a local bar for the second night industry drinks. More of a ‘free-for-all’ than Monday night’s networking party, feel free to extend the invitation to friends in the industry. Join us for one last evening as we truly unwind and take in everything from the past two days.

If you want to know anything else about the conference, feel free to email myself or Lynsey on Hope to see you in a few weeks!

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