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With SearchLove London just around the corner, we’re getting more than a little excited to welcome this year’s gamut of industry speakers back to The Brewery - so much so, we’ve handed over the blog reins to them for the whole month.

For the rest of October, the Distilled blog will be running with the SearchLove theme which kicked off with the secrets to a killer soundtrack to your event (naturally). For today, we pass the baton over to Marco Montemagno, or ‘The Tech Alchemist’ as he’s perhaps more widely known, as he talks us through minimal budgets, why a script is essential to your success and his professional table tennis player credentials (yes, you heard us!)

There’s still time to join us at this year’s conference and you can pick up your ticket over on the events page or why not take a look at some of the other speakers set to join us over here.

Until then, cast your eyes over the video above from Marco and enjoy!

DistilledLive | SearchLove takeover with Marco Montemagno

Hello, everyone. Marco Montemagno here, and I'm so excited this year to speak at SearchLove in London. It's really, really a privilege for me to talk over there. Also because I'm not a marketing expert or I'm not a professor or SEO expert, I'm just an entrepreneur for the last 15 years. Also I have hosted a television in Italy for seven years, where basically I was so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer, Nicolas Negroponte, Seth Godin, and so many people.

What I will do during SearchLove is basically trying to share a little bit of my experience and what worked and also what didn't work at all, because also from failure so many times you have the opportunity to learn exactly the right direction.

Today, I prepared just three little magic cards. I feel like Dynamo. With my three main topics, let's call it a short overview of my speech at SearchLove. I really hope you appreciate it.

The main point here is how to launch something online with low or no budget, Italian style obviously, because as you understand from my British accent, I'm Italian.

So the number one point for me, where everything starts, is about focus. The point here is the following. Everyone is talking about how can you launch something online if you have no budget. The main thing to consider, that is really underestimated, is your focus. How could you be instantaneously focused and concentrated and have all the energy that you need to do the job?

If you are a marketer, you are like an athlete for me, because it takes time, it takes a huge effort to launch something from zero. I will give an example. In Italy, I've launched the largest professional blog network, 250 blogs, a few years ago, and I started from zero. Then when I did my exit, I sold it for a good amount of money, and it was generating around three million unique visitors per month. The marketing budget was zero. The point is that, to create something like that, it takes a lot of effort.

One point here that I will discuss at SearchLove is what kind of technique could you have to be focused immediately, to concentrate, to have all the energy that you need. It's so important because it takes your body and your mind, and you need to be there. I'll give you another example.

I was a table tennis player. I was a professional table tennis player 20 years ago. Now, I'm 41 years old. It's very interesting because it's a sport where everything happens in a couple of seconds. You're there, and immediately you need to get a result because it's very fast. It's much faster than tennis. So you need a lot of technique to automate this process. You can use it also in your business.

So, when you launch something, number one point to consider is how can you get your best state, your best concentration fast and consistently, because every day you need to do the job. Every day you need to go from zero to having your idea and to launch it. It takes a lot of energy. I will share some tips about that. Very concrete, very actionable, and I really hope you'll love it. If you're there, I am waiting for you at SearchLove.

The other point about focus is this one. You can't have great ideas when you are sad or when you are without energy because it doesn't work that way. You need to be in your best state to get great ideas and creative ideas to have unique, unconventional options to launch your stuff, your service or product. So focus.

Number two. I'm just running. It's just a short overview. It's about a script. Have a look at this —script. These little cards are horrible. I just wanted to give you a little bit of my opinion. So, script, imagine that you are a director of a film. You need to see the film that you want to watch when you want to launch something. You want to launch a new webcam or you want to launch a new restaurant or whatever it is or you have a consulting company and you want to launch your consulting company or a service of your consulting company. What do you have to do?

You start from the end as always. So you start from end. You see what the final result that you want to see. What's the story? What's the film that the customers will talk about? What's the whole process that you have to go through, and then you go step by step back until the end to understand what's the beginning. Right? This is very important because if you have a great script in your mind, then it is just a matter of making it happen. So this is very important.

The point with the script is that you really have to try to find the way to understand what really engages your customers. It's very difficult. I'll give you an example in my experience.

What I consider a failure of one of the activities that I did in the past was the following. I launched basically a tour where I was talking in theaters about Internet, and I was divulging Internet and people. The script was very good, and the media coverage was impressive because I was going around with a poster with written, "I Love Internet," and going around in the city and saying, "I love Internet and come to watch the show at the theater." One hour and thirty minutes of monologue where I was talking about Internet opportunities for old people and for parents, whatever.

The script in my mind was good, and the reactions of the media was good, but the customers really didn't come. Also, probably one reason is because one target, one audience was old people. The show was in the evening. Old people don't really go out in the evening to watch someone talking about Internet. That is not really their topic. So bad luck.

But the point here is having a great script is fundamental. The third point is:  How can you get it? I want to share with you some tips at SearchLove on what really works for me when I write a script about the story of my launch, what really can create engagement and make it interesting for your customers and also for the media of course. In the end, you need to sell stuff. Right? So it's very important to have it also for your customers.

Number three and the last point I want to share with you today is strategy. So strategy is what makes everything happen in the end. You can say, "Okay, I get my focus. I'm super powerful and energetic. I have a very clear mind of what I'm going to do. I have a perfect picture. I have my creative great idea. I know how to engage my customers. I know how to get there, and my film is already written and now I have to make it happen." In my career, I had to make it happen, several difficult things. I'll give you a few examples.

To launch a meeting with Al Gore, basically they asked me to create an event in the theater and bring in there 600 bloggers. The script was great. The idea is Al Gore meets 600 Bloggers face-to-face, and it was live on television. The point is:  How can you make it happen? When you have to do it, you need a great strategy to make it happen. 

Another challenge was I want to launch a new startup school, where people can go and learn how to become an entrepreneur. To launch it, I'm going to do a high speed train full of over 1,000 entrepreneurs, going from one city to another city. They start in the beginning without any experience, and they finish the three hour and a half trip that they created a business plan for their company. Great script. Very newsworthy, but how can you make it happen one more time?

I had a lot of challenges in this way and the strategy you adopt. Again, Digital Domination Summit, I came out with this idea to say, "Okay, I'm going to do video interviews with around 50 great people around the world — Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk — and the script is great. The idea is great. It resonates with my audience, with my target, but then how the hell do you do these interviews? 

I didn't know any of those speakers. So how can you make it happen? That's very important.

So those were my three main points. I really, really hope to see you at SearchLove London. Thanks for listening these few minutes to a few tips. Mark Montemango and I really hope to see you in London. See you there.

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