LinkLove 2012: Session Sneak Preview

With less than six weeks until LinkLove 2012 commences, we thought you might want a little insight in to what you can expect from this years line-up. We've been chatting and working closely with our speakers over the last couple of weeks. They are now busy wading and mining through data, testing theories and preparing hard to bring you the very latest tactics for link building. Here's how the sessions are shaping up so far. Brace yourself, it's going to be killer:

Schedule so far*:

Rand Fishkin - London and Boston

The process of link building sucks. We've all spent the hours slogging away, trying desperately to get a link from site after site, jealous of those "fun industries" where links simply pour in. Well, no more. Content can earn links in any niche - it just needs to be the right content, targeted at the right audience, promoted in the right way. In this presentation, Rand will walk through a process for doing just that - and winning the link battle through content that scales, engages and out-earns link "building" efforts every time.

Justin Briggs - Boston

Having been a consultant and worked in-house, Justin is perfectly placed to share the differences as well as the tips and tricks that each side should learn from the other. Now that he is the client, he's also going to weigh in on how to measure and report on link building efforts effectively.

Rhea Drysdale - Boston

Not all months were created equal. Businesses' calendars vary through the year; based on their market, their own stage of growth and the flow of news. With careful planning, you can use all of this to your advantage. Without the planning, you'll never achieve the results you want at your most critical times of year. Rhea is bringing detailed tips and ideas for getting the best results throughout the year.

Branko Rihtman - London

We love science at Distilled. Branko brings science. He's going to be educating us all on the ways he applies scientific techniques to his work and, in particular, showing us his methodology for determining what kinds of social sharing actually bring links. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make content and promotion plans based on actual data rather than gut feel and guess work.

Adam Audette - Boston

It's all very well building links to non-commercial content, but you need to round out your plans with links to your money pages as well. There's no-one better to present the best ways of getting links to product pages, category pages and the like than Adam Audette.

Wil Reynolds - London and Boston

Wil's on a mission to provide you with the most actionable advice. He won't be satisfied unless more delegates implement more of his ideas than any other speaker. He's shared a few of the tips with us already - and there are some blinders. Building targets, building relationships and building links - it's all there.

Jane Copland - London

No link is impossible. Jane has built links from the hardest link targets on the web. Want to identify and nail the hardest golden links? Jane's going to show you how.

Ross Hudgens - Boston

You don't always have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, Ross would argue that you should normally be standing on the shoulders of giants. Understand what has worked (and how!) in your industry, for your competitors and for others with similar profiles - then recreate it, only better. You can get to #1 this way as long as you innovate on top of what others are doing and scale it better.

John Doherty - Boston

Link building tools are improving and proliferating rapidly. John's going to show us the state of the art tools - from the freebies to those at enterprise level. He'll then show us all how to recreate the benefits of the expensive enterprise tools on a constrained budget.

Tom Anthony - London

How and why we link to pages is changing. New technologies change our definition of "link-worthy" and new social tools change the way we recommend pages. Tom is going to talk about the attributes of pages that get links and how you can build links with smart development.

Will and Tom Critchlow - London / Boston

The brothers are giving a pair of presentations split between London and Boston (the provisional plan is to make the other half available to each audience on video). They are going to be presenting their "methodology for fame" - the recipes and checklists they believe propel businesses from good to great online.

Mike King - London

The stuff Mike is going to present is just as cool as you would expect. It's currently so secret, I can't even give a hint as to what it is. OK - just a little hint - making outreach effective - in his own unique style.

*Subject to change

Too excited to wait? Here’s some Pro tips to keep you fuelled:

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Network. Now. 

Remember Tom’s pro tip about building relationships? Well we’ve set up a dedicated group on LinkedIn for you to network before, during and after LinkLove 2012 with fellow attendees on both sides of the Atlantic. Use this group to gain links, ask questions, and network. We'll be keeping this group updated regularly with more information, so keep an eye out.

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Don't miss out on the only specialist link building conference around. We're set to sell out, so register your place now, and if you need any more convincing on why you should attend LinkLove 2012, I urge you to read this post and watch the video:

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Learnch: get involved. Educate. 

Here at Distilled we have an internal meme for learning at lunch, we’ve taken that into our conferences and now run topic tables during the lunch break. You can sign up to a table when you register on the morning of the conference. We’ll have some of our consultants hosting, plus some guest hosts. We have a couple of tables that we are opening to the floor, so what would you like to discuss? Do you want to host a table? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

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