Coppafeel Hackday

Coppafeel are on a mission to stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer by ensuring that women:

  • Know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer
  • Know what their boobs look and feel like normally
  • Check their boobs regularly throughout their lives
  • Have the confidence to seek medical advice if they do detect any changes
Here at Distilled we're on a mission to help - so we've run a hackday and have created the following:



We all find the time to mess around on Facebook (apparently we waste around 7 hours a month there), and yet an alarming number of women fail to find five minutes per month to check their boobs - even though it could save their lives.

As such we've created an infographic (link coming soon!) to illustrate the time we manage to spend on the mundane stuff, plus guidance on how to check your boobs and what symptoms to look out for.


Blogger's Badges

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Custom 404 Page

Boob Name Generator & Twitter Boob Check Bot

Research has shown that the main reason people fail to check their boobs is because they forget. Goldfish-brained much?

To help us remember to check our boobs Coppafeel recommend that we name them (mine are called Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn) - but if you're struggling to come up with something catchy checkout our boob name generator. Sign up to name your boobs and get monthly reminders tweeted @ you.


Facebook Landing Page

We're busy getting all up in your Facebook... Or something.

Anyways, you should definitely go hit that 'like' button on Coppafeel's Facebook Page.



All nicely optimised now. Go watch the Coppafeel videos.


We also got some twitter love from Heat & Closer

Want to know what you can do to help?

Awww - we thought you'd never ask! We would love it if you could:

Fundraise & help spread the word


Take part in Hundred Hooters 2012

Follow Coppafeel on twitter

But most importantly, remember to check your boobs - it could save your life.


Big love and hugs to the following peeps who've helped us:

James Carson, Chris Nuelle, Hunch, DotCloud.

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