B2B content marketing challenges

It's easy to get seduced by the latest shiny widget, to seek for the latest trick or to assume that our standard approaches will work for everyone.

Over the years, old-school B2B marketers have given me the hardest time of everyone I've met. They've constantly pushed me to find better arguments to support my views and have frequently challenged my assumptions about the true growth drivers in many offline businesses.

As web marketers, it's also easy to get drawn into the tactics of advertising, PR, content etc. and forget the rounded **marketing** job of understanding who your customers are, who your customers should be, where you are strongest and where you are weakest.

A week today (on 28th May) I'm speaking at DemandCon London.

My talk is entitled "B2B Content Marketing = Search and Social Domination"

(Pro-tip - Use code DISTILLED15 to get 15% off your ticket price)

I'm excited to be presenting a view on search as part of a broader topic-base than I normally do and to speak to a range of people who haven't necessarily thought about all these angles endlessly.

I plan to cover a search marketer's view on why B2B companies in even the most staid and traditional industries need to find a way to become publishers if they want to dominate. My opinion is that this is the path to both brand and direct-response success online.

In particular, in B2B environments with long buying cycles, many stakeholders and complicated purchasing processes, it's more important than ever to target the right personas at the right moment through both search and social. Both of these things start with content.

I'm working on my presentation at the moment - here's the outline:

- The new new marketing - how things are changing - B2B is turning into B2CC (commercial consumers) - What kinds of things do B2B customers search for? - How do you deliver the content you need to rank and convert? - A bunch of examples (good and bad!) - Lessons from B2C - Case studies, tips and tricks

If you're in London then I hope you'll join me at the conference next Monday, and remember to use the code DISTILLED15 at registration to get your discount.

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