Announcing the Distilled SearchLove’s Startups Competition

At Distilled, we are fortunate enough to get to work with a number of startups like Reevoo, Huddle, Razoo and GiftRocket. Most of the startups we speak to know that SEO is a crucial part of their marketing plan, and they rely heavily on search to increase traffic, clients and even brand awareness.

We love seeing what startups are able to do with SEO, as their speed and “get things done” attitude allows them to be creative and generate some real cutting-edge work. Inspired by the success stories we have heard recently, we decided that it would be great to hear more about how startups use SEO to help grow their business and to reward them for their great efforts.

With that, we're excited to announce the SearchLove Startup Competition!


This October we are hosting SearchLove, our renowned advanced SEO conference, in New York City for the first time. The conference is scheduled for October 31st and November 1st.

With a line-up of industry experts presenting their most advanced SEO tactics, the two days will be a great chance for a startup to pick up a ton of tips and ideas to take back to their team. Our winners will also automatically be signed up for a site clinic with a top SEO. If that’s not enough, there will also be a rocking Halloween party on the 31st!

The Competition

It's simple - Just let us know about how SEO has rocked your world.

We are looking for is an awesome story and love examples of hustle, humor, and all around cleverness!  Details that will help us evaluate are:

  • Amazing results -> ROI for the win
  • Creative ideas -> Did you make the best infographic ever or are you a YouTube king?
  • Impossible-to-get links -> Permalinks from all the major newspapers
  • Integration ->How did your team work together to make SEO work across the site
Show the world how your SEO campaign helped you hit targets or how it is helping you on your way to success.

Who's Judging?

The entries will be reviewed by the Distilled SEO team, including Will Critchlow, Tom Critchlow, John Doherty and Kate Morris. The top five entries will be included in a follow-up blog posts (with links, naturally) that will share your great success stories with the rest of the SEO community.

The Prize (What you get!)

1st Prize – 2 free tickets to New York SearchLove, worth $2189 (One company eligible to win)

2nd Prize – A free set of NY SearchLove Conference Videos, worth $399 (Two companies eligible to win)

How to Enter

You can enter using this form.

Better yet, post your response to your own blog and tweet it at us (@distilled) with the hashtag #SearchLove! If you post your entry in your blog post, link back to us so that others can learn about the competition as well!

Who Can Enter

We would really like to hear from startups directly, but we are also keeping this competition open to any search or marketing agencies who have had excellent results for a startup client.

We are super excited to receive entries from around the world, but please take into consideration that the prize is two tickets for SearchLove in New York and that travel expenses will not be included.


  • Competition kicks off: Thursday, 22st September
  • Closing date for entries: Friday, 7th October
  • Winners will be announced: Thursday, 13th October

Please Note

Winners will receive tickets to the conference, tickets to the SEO Halloween Party on the 31st, and food and beverage during the two days of the conference. Travel and accommodation are not included.


Q. What will SearchLove be like?

A.  Allow Will Critchlow  to explain...

Q. How do I know it will be awesome?

A. Here is the list of the speakers and here is a testimonial from the CEO of SEOmoz, Rand Fishkin

Q. What will the conference videos be like?

A. 21 hours worth of content like this...

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