Topic Tables at LinkLove

We like to make sure you get the most out of every moment you spend at our conferences, which is why last year we decided to introduce lunch time topic tables. On the morning of the conference you can register to a table with a subject that interests you.

For LinkLove we have tried to keep the tables focused on the broad topic of link building. The tables are led by our SEO consultants who are there to guide the conversation and ensure everyone gets a chance to give their input. We have one exception in Boston where there is a table being hosted by the Zemanta guys. We love what the Zemanta team do, and figured they would be a great addition.

Here’s the list of the hosted tables for you to consider joining:

LinkLove London:

LinkLove Boston:

Aside from generating some interesting conversation and answering some questions you may have had. The topic tables act as a great networking mechanism, (you can see people's lanyards close-up for a start!). The search industry is a sharing and caring place to be :-) - make the most of it, there is always someone who is happy to lend a hand.

LinkLove Boston has a few tickets remaining, register your place today!

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