Social Seating at SearchLove

The airline industry - namely KLM and Malaysia Airlines - recently introduced 'social seating' to their flights; the idea being that you can pre-select who you would like to sit next to on your flight - be that someone with a similar interest, a potential business connection or someone who is attending the same event as you. 

Now, we're not quite sold on the concept of doing this on flights just yet, but the idea of pre-selecting who to sit next to - effectively kick-starting your networking opportunities, has definitely got us intrigued. So, we decided to test it out at this year's SearchLove conferences...

What are social tables?

Last year we introduced lunch time ‘Topic Tables’ whereby you choose to sit with one of our consultants and a group of peers during the lunch break and discuss an industry related topic. This year we have gone one better and not only will you be able to choose which consultant and which topic to discuss, you can also pre-select which of your peers you would like to sit next to! 











Perhaps you’ve been conversing with someone on Twitter but haven’t actually met in person? Or you fancy picking someone’s brains on their topic of expertise but don’t actually know them well enough to broach the subject off the cuff? Or you simply want to join in the conversation and get to know your peers better? Well then, this is the tool for you:

SearchLove London: select your social seat

SearchLove Boston: select your social seat

How do I get involved?

Check out the table plans (above), see who’s sitting where and then email with your request to join them*.

Don’t worry if there isn’t anyone in particular that you want to sit with, you can still request a place at the topic tables – you never know, someone might be waiting for you to join!

*We will do our best to seat everyone in their preferred place but in some cases this may not always be possible, so please provide a second alternative.

SearchLove LondonMonday 29th & Tuesday 30th October at the Congress Centre, London – Book your ticket and sign up for a social table now.  

SearchLove BostonMonday 5th & Tuesday 6th November at the Joseph B Martin Conference Center, Boston – Book your ticket and sign up for a social table now.

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