Site Clinics at #LinkLove

We introduced the site clinics at our SearchLove conferences last year and they proved to be hugely popular, so they are making a come-back again for 2012.

Site Clinics at LinkLove

We love sharing knowledge here at Distilled and this is a great opportunity to sit down with one of our expert SEO consultants and discuss some of the niggling worries you have about your site.

Our consultants will contact you prior to the conference and spend several hours looking over your site and jot down the problems they see. Then, during the clinic, you get 10 minutes of strategic, actionable insights that you can put into place immediately.

As a LinkLove conference, we want to keep the site clinics on-topic too. So, if you have a specific link building challenge or question you would like answering, book your appointment here (spaces are limited).

Here are some example questions you might have:

  • Link building / link bait ideas
  • What kind of links should I be getting for my site?
  • Have I over-optimised my anchor text?
  • I don’t have much in the way of resources, what sort of link building tactics should I focus on?
  • Is my current back-link profile likely to hurt my ability to rank?

"Thanks @Anthony_Tuite and @paddymoogan for your time and input in the site clinic at #searchlovetoday!" Heather Robinson, Internet Marketing Manager, Caravan Guard & Leisuredays.

"Thank you for the review yesterday, it was great to have a specialist give me a bit more advice and suggestions with the issues we are facing." Alex Cox, Digital Marketing, Website and Graphic Design

Hope to see you all there!

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