SearchLove San Francisco - Site Clinic appointments

Once again, we will be running our hugely popular site clinics during SearchLove San Francisco. Linklove London and Boston were a sell out so we are expecting the clinics to be equally sought after this time round. If you have already purchased your ticket for the conference, sign up for a clinic now!

For those of you who don’t know what the site clinics are: We are offering a limited number of one-on-one consultations with our expert SEO consultants. You submit your site prior to the conference, letting us know the main issues you are facing. Our consultants will go away and look at your site and then meet with you at the conference to offer their expert tips and advice.

Case Study:

Rob Millard, one of the consultants here at Distilled, talks us through one of his clinics:

The Brief: submitted their site for our clinic with a brief that specifically highlighted a problem they have with getting the most out of the quality content they are producing.

Rob's recommendations:

The best way to scale content promotion is to empower the writers themselves. More often than not, a digital marketing team does not have the capacity to promote every piece of content that is published on their site.  Moreover, the writer is closer to the piece and typically more involved with the content.

How to implement:

Create a promotion network using the likes of email, social media, RSS and more.  Tools like Followerwonk and Crowdbooster can help to get more from your social media activity.  Other recommendations included; changing RSS to full feeds with absolute links in case they are scraped, and using searches such as travel blog intitle:"round up"|"roundup" to find blogs that publish round-ups to reach out to, alongside existing link building tactics.

If you’re interested in attending a site clinic, send us an email to once you have booked your ticket to SearchLove San Francisco.

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