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In the spirit of making the conferences better year on year, we have decided to introduce some new additions to SearchLove London & Boston. Some will be a surprise on the day and others you can vote for beforehand. One such addition is the networking tool, PeopleHunt. Let us know if you would be keen to use this app at the conferences this Autumn by taking part in the online poll

Having discovered this app at Techfest, an event organiser’s conference I attended earlier this year, I thought that it would be a welcome addition for our delegates to enhance their networking experience at SearchLove.

Essentially, the tool turns networking into a out who you want to connect with, whether they are a speaker, Distilled expert, fellow delegate or whoever. Then it is a race against the clock to find them and connect before the countdown times out and they are available for someone else to seek out. 

Especially useful for those attending on their own or for those who want to break away from their colleagues and friends to make new acquaintances, the point of the app is to take the awkwardness out of networking – no more nerves about approaching someone new or trying to get out of a conversation with someone. Another benefit is that you can also keep track of who you meet and get in touch afterwards, extending your networking opportunities way beyond the two days of the conference.

Let us know whether you would like to see this appear at SearchLove by taking part in the online poll.  

Lauren Brady

Lauren Brady

Lauren brings a range of PR & marketing experience to her role in assisting Lynsey to realise the event division’s goal of global expansion. Happiest in a role that is constantly changing, she thrives on juggling several tasks at once – a...   read more

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  1. PeopleHunt sounds like a great idea! Especially for people who are nervous or who are attending on their own. I always rate the networking as very strong at Searchlove, so any way to help people get involved sounds good to me.

    But as it's a game ... will there be badges? ;)

    reply >
    • Lauren Brady

      Glad to hear you like the idea Mike. No badges planned atm, I guess the gold medal will be in making as many new contacts as you can!

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