Network your way to link building success

Relationships are the key to successful long term link building strategies, we're pretty passionate about that fact here at Distilled (see Tom's Protip below for evidence of that):

It's one of the reasons we run our Conferences each year. The aim is to enable the industry to get together and build solid, meaningful relationships that are based on personal interactions and not hidden behind a faceless twitter handle or email thread. However networking is not just something to do in the lunchbreak or at the After-Party on the day, it should start before the event and continue afterwards for it to be truly effective. To this end we have set up a dedicated LinkedIn group for all LinkLove attendees to help you reach out and contact others prior to and after the event.

The group has been up and running for a couple of weeks now and we've already had some great discussions around topic table suggestions and the growing remit of an SEO.

So head on over and join the group, introduce yourself and start to network with other LinkLove attendees now.

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