Generate 7100% ROI by attending LinkLove

A sensationalist heading it may seem, but this is in fact a real case study from one of our attendees to our Conferences last year.

David Cohen had made the decision to move from a direct response marketing model to an inbound marketing model and was looking for some help on how to do it. On the advice of an SEO friend of his he bought a ticket to our LinkLove Conference last year, and within the first session an idea sparked that, when implemented, helped him generate $1,105,000 in revenue in a 56 day campaign.

David recently sent us a testimonial video by way of thank you, it's a great success story and we're happy to share it below:

You should also head over to his blog to read the full story.

Tickets for LinkLove London (30th March) and LinkLove Boston (2nd April) are now on sale, make sure you get yours soon.

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