What We’ve Been Up To - Seattle, SMX & SEOmoz

So it's been a bit quiet recently which is a shame. We'll try and rectify that with some lolcats insightful posts soon.

But what have we been up to while it's been quiet? That's a good question, glad you asked!

Firstly, Will and I went to Seattle to SMX Advanced which was an awful lot of fun. We both picked up some great tips so thanks to the organisers and speakers for putting on a fantastic show. While we were there we managed to hang out with SEOmoz which. Needless to say that was fun ;-)

One of the hot topics of the conference was cloaking, whether it's allowed, not allowed, recommended, not recommended etc etc. Matt Cutts announced that Google had changed their official guidelines for cloaking so Will put up a response on SEOmoz basically saying that their guidelines suck if you do any geo-location based IP delivery. Fun reading!

One of the best sessions at Advanced was the Give It Up session where some of the top names in the industry shared some of their favourite secret tips. There's a 30 day embargo on anyone reporting what was said but needless to say some of them were AMAZING. Back at the 'moz offices there was a collection of SEOs so we decided to shoot our very own version of give it up which features both Will and I. It was an awful lot of fun! Needless to say, some of the tips are blackhat and shouldn't be tried at home folks :-p

Stuck back here in rainy England Duncan decided it was about time he weighed in on the whole geo-location stuff so put up a post exploring how Apple ranks internationally and how they miss out on some UK traffic. Quite technical but insightful nonetheless.

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