Uuuh - I think we broke Andy. A 6.15 Update

About time for another update then! The day is nearing its close and Andy is pleading not to have to code any more...

we broke andy!

We've taken it in turn throughout the day to be in control of the office tunes, entertainment hour we called it. This is Rob in uniform:

Rob looking dashing

This is Will in uniform:

Will in uniform

Quality tunes from Rob! Not so much from Will who just put Johnny Cash on shuffle... More effort next time Will!

We had a brief interlude around lunchtime for a BBQ which was awesome. Big thanks to Emily for that one. Then we took a quick breather to play some tennis/cricket. Well done to Duncan for hitting the ball over the wall on his first hit! Thankfully we had more than one tennis ball. This is Emily playing tennis/cricket:

Emily playing cricket/tennis

We've made some great posts throughout the day:

9.45 update

1pm update

Background for the team building day. Mel from Carsonified then wrote about us. Cool!

Rob put out a great piece about how PPC ads would look if run by politicians!. Please digg/stumble this article if you get a chance - I think it's hilarious!

The eagle eyed among you (and even the ones who were just following along on twitter) will be expecting a competition but unfortunately we're going to have to wait until tomorrow to launch this as it's awaiting final sign off from one of the parties involved. We're very excited about it though - and you'll get a chance to win lots of cool stuff so stay tuned tomorrow!

So where are we with the PPC tools? Well that's a good question. It's been hard work setting everything up but it looks like we're almost there. Duncan informs me it's 'sooooo close'. I don't know if that means it'll be done today or next week! The designs are coming along well though so things are starting to pull together.

Where will we finish? How many tools will we get live? Will we all just scarper to the pub? Stay tuned to find out! Expect one more update post to round out the day with final results.

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