Team Distilled ‘play’ ‘cricket’

Here’s a short video of exactly what we got up to in our team-build-2.0 lunch break last Thursday. Will was the cameraman and Leonie put it all together.

Feat. Duncan (aka The Lunger), Emily (’so, um, what are our aims for this afternoon?’) and Will (’PPC tools!!’). Keep your eyes peeled for the guest appearance (the man next door who quite obviously wishes he worked for Distilled).

For a refresher on what happened last Thursday, check out our Team Building Mission Accomplished post.

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  1. Hmmph. I guess we know now why the "contest" got pushed back til this week... :D Looks like fun!!

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  2. No - that was all about the charity angle (wait, did I let something slip there?). Competition coming soon...

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  3. Awesome! Love the video :-)

    Nice work Leonie!

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