Team Distilled: 1 pm update

Right. Everything's going swimmingly. Top of the list of updates: the BBQ's just kicking off... and it's looking fiiiine! Team Distilled has a very clear MO when it comes to this sort of thing: good food equals good work.

A quick run-round:

PPC Tools: I'm reliably informed that the PPC tools are coming along nicely. Andy and Duncan are doing some sterling work, and barely whinging at all. Here's a beta version of kind of graph our PPC Pricing Guide will be able to offer:

Design: Leonie is busy creating masterpieces in the corner. Here's an idea of what the PPC Pricing Guide's going to look like:

PPC Pricing Guide website mock up

Blogging: obviously, I'm writing this post.... and we're progressing fast on some exciting linkbait that will test your skills as writers while simultaneously getting your charity fix for the day. Intrigued? You should be- watch this space...

Music: Some of you may have picked up on the 'entertainment hat', modelled here by Tom. To encourage heterogeneity, everyone has their 'hour' of entertainment when they can play the music of their dreams. At the moment, we're on Tom's 'Kinda Kinky' mix. I recommend it. If Anna Karenina was real, alive and could mix- this is the sort of thing she'd be doing.

Tom's Blue Steel 'look'

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