Start using Twitter Favourites to your advantage

Ever wondered what the function of Twitter’s ‘Favourites’ tool is? Can it be useful to you in the long term? Here’s a little look into how to find and start using Favourites, as well as how to use these tweets to build your brand and website content.

So, what is a Favourite?

Described by the Twitter guidelines as ‘a small star icon next to a Tweet,’ Favourites are most commonly used when users like a Tweet. Favouriting a Tweet can let the original poster know that you liked their Tweet, or as a way of storing the Tweet and its links for later (which may or may not include the odd cute cat picture).

It feels as though we already have some great tools for this though, right? Pocket, for instance, offers this very idea and you can now download the Chrome extension for an even easier ‘Read Later’ set up with just one click of a button at the top right of your browser. For now, though, let’s just stick with the idea of using Favourites in line with the former: starring a tweet that you liked from someone else in your online community.

OK, so how do I add a tweet to my Favourites list?

To add a tweet to your Favourites, simply click on the little star icon below the tweet. This will highlight the selected tweet which will then show up within your ‘Favourites’ column under your profile.

Where can I find my Favourites?

On your Twitter profile, you can find your Favourites on the left hand side, below the tab for your list of Tweets, Following and Followers.

Click onto this tab and you’ll find all of those Favourited tweets from your account in here. They’ll look a bit like this:

To see if other people are Favouriting your content, you can follow this through your connections tab on Twitter or create a column dedicated to monitoring Favourites through Tweetdeck. (Incidentally, I’d recommend following all your associated brands through this too. At Distilled, we have columns set up for both #SearchLove and #DistilledU, just in case people are mentioning us indirectly and require a response.)

Embedding tweets onto your site

By sharing these Favourites on your site, you are able to build up an online source of testimonials. This is quick and simple to do, and all the code is already there for you from Twitter itself.

Say you want to embed a tweet (like the one above), simply right click on the ‘More’ icon below the tweet and you will see two options appear. If you click on ‘Embed’, you will then be given the HTML code to be able to use these tweets within the back end of your site.

Now you can start to be really selective with which tweets you are Favouriting in order to build up a strong collection of case studies relating back to your brand and business - a pretty good insight for others into what people actually think of you (and have taken the time to say so!)

At Distilled, we’ve used these Favourites over on our Media and Press page, and now have online testimonials for all of our services, from consulting to our conferences and DistilledU.

So start using Twitter Favourites to your advantage...and keep that Pocket extension ready for revisiting those cat pictures!

Cheri Percy

Cheri Percy

Cheri joined Distilled as a community intern and now heads up the Marketing department in the London office. She has co-ordinated and project managed some of Distilled's biggest content pieces to date and has doubled its social media growth.  When...   read more

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  1. Spook SEO

    Awesome tip! Thanks for sharing. Its small things like these that actually makes a huge impact in a marketing campaign.

    Others are so "gung ho" about finding out what the next best thing is for internet marketing yet fail to see that strategies like these done consistently can be all they need to drive in a huge traffic, brand recognition , etc...

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  2. I like to use Favorites (for my clients) to segment out the tweets that make them look important. I'll tell them to favorite a tweet every time they get mentioned by a popular news source, or industry leader. Once they have a list of impressive "tweet-outs" I'll put an embedded twiter widget on their site that pulls in favorited tweets. I've seen this significantly increase the number of people who follow a site.

    reply >
  3. You should favourite more of that girl's stuff. ;) But seriously, I do use the Twitter gold star on the daily - this is a great post.

    reply >
  4. great post! What I usually do sometimes is thank whoever favored our tweet. We always receive a positive response

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  5. So simple, yet pretty effective! It's a good tactic, plus helps mark stuff you want to read in-depth later.

    reply >

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