Speaking at SMX London 2009

On the 18th and 19th May, employees from Distilled will be attending and speaking at SMX London 2009.

If there are any particular issues that you'd like to see covered, just leave a comment below and we'll try to address them in the session.

Brand & Reputation Management Strategies

Rob Ousbey, Day 1, 16:30

When you're managing the Online Reputation for a brand or individual, it can difficult to know which newly published pages could cause negative reputational issues, and which search results you should be concerned about. I'll be talking about strategies you can use to resolve these issues, as well as providing some actionable tips that I use day-to-day in my work.


Paid Search & Tricky Issues

Richard Cotton, Day 1, 16:30

Richard will be speaking about how advanced broad match can get a bad press and how you can use it constructively - such as to get around competitor bidding quality score issues, plus other ways to get the most out of broad match.

He'll also discuss how to use the community as an alternative to Google's own support, conversion rate issues, how you can use intermediate metrics to judge traffic quality and why higher bounce might not be a bad thing.


What’s New With Social Media Marketing

Lucy Langdon, Day 2, 10:45

Lucy will be talking about the growing dominance of Twitter and other micro-blogging platforms in the world of 'news'. She'll examine case studies where old media are fighting their corner on and offline, and will examine how this fits in with the idea of linkbait - is news the new linkbait? She'll give tips on how to be the one to break news, look at the implications of news & social media on business and use a case study or two to exemplify how companies have done well or not so well.


Analytics Every SEO Needs To Know

Will Critchlow, Day 2, 13:15

Will's presentation will help you get the most from Google Analytics, by demonstrating advanced filters that you can use to discover important (and actionable) new features about your rankings and visitors.


Give It Up!

Will Critchlow, Day 2, 16:30

Give It Up! sessions are a chance for search marketing heavyweights to share advice behind closed doors (the techniques discussed here can't be written about for at least a month.) The sessions can stumble well into 'dark SEO' territory, but Will has vowed to be the whiter-that-white expert amongst the group; he'll be sharing advice that has been tried and tested over the last six months at Distilled.


You can grab the full agenda from the SMX website. Do give us a shout if you're coming, and come and grab any of us to say 'hello' at the event.

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