Sorry, but we have to post it: Sunday papers top trumps (yawn)

I'm getting a little bored of blowing our own trumpet about this, but it would be daft not to link to them.

cleaning online reputation

We're in a great feature in the Sunday Times written by Rosie Millard entitled Help! A net imposter is ruining me.

We also make a cameo appearance in a Sunday Mirror article entitled Has Kate cleaned up her drugs past on Google? (I never thought I'd appear alongside Kate Moss in another article). That one is a bit more hyperbolic and makes it sound like we might have 'done' Kate Moss (so to speak). For the record, we didn't.

If you have arrived here because of these stories, you might be interested in our new DIY guide to online reputation management that you can buy online for £150 inc. VAT.

PS how come mainstream media never links to you? That's the subject for a rant another day...

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