Even if you're an experienced SEO, conferences are still the best places to learn new tricks. SMX London is coming up May 16-17th and it's going to be a  great opportunity to meet some of the most talented SEOs in the business. These guys and gals are here to impress, they'll be bringing their A games and will readily give up some of their secrets.

One piece of advice for all attendees:

Talk to the speakers and network

At my first SEO conference I was too shy to talk to the big names in the industry. What a mistake. I thought that I wasn't important enough, they would just shrug me off, or simply didn't have the time.

I was wrong, dead wrong. My last conference was Distilled's own link building seminar where I met Wil Reynolds, Martin MacDonald, Russ Jones and Rand Fishkin for the first time. They're all amazing friendly, brilliant, supportive and keen to meet new people.

Hopefully we'll see you there, if you're interested in a discount fo SMX London here's a handy 15% discount.  All you have to do is use the following code when you book your ticketsDISTILLED011 To further stress why I think it's important for you to attend, here's an interview we conducted with a damn good SEO and one of my personal favourites speaking this year:

Martin Macdonald

Why should you attend my presentation at SMX London?

Because for too long now, people have been saying things like "build your followers on Twitter", or "use social media to get free traffic", even things like "getting lots of retweets can boost your google organic ranking". Nobody however has actually covered how to achieve this in practice - and certainly nobody has published actual results data.

Well, to remedy the situation, my presentation is going to focus on actionable ways to do all three of the above statements.  I've been lucky enough to be a twitter advertiser and beta tester for nearly six months, and in that time we have managed to build best practices on twitter that actually work - and the best thing is they are quite easy to implement!

What is your greatest SEO achievement?

The things I look back on from the last five or six years with the most pride, are when sites I've worked on or with have had serious impacts by changes in the ranking algorthym - and we've managed to fix the solution and capitalize on new found competitive advantages.

Marketing is all about capitalizing on opportunity, and major SEO shifts like Panda/MayDay et al. present marketers with a significant opportunity to be "first to market" with site changes that re-inforce your advantage within your vertical.

Who's presentation are you most excited to watch?

The level of expertese among the speakers at any SMX Advanced event is high enough for most of the presentations to be keynote's in their own right, but from past year's I've always enjoyed Mikkel deMib's talks - so I certainly won't miss that one!

Thank you to Martin Macdonald of for the interview.

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