SMX Advanced London 2011 Preview - Part 1 of 2

SMX Advanced London is just around the corner, and we've partnered with the SMX team to give all of you lovely Distilled blog readers a whopping 15% discount.  All you have to do is use the following code when you book your ticketsDISTILLED011

We have 2 Distillers speaking - David Sottimano will be taking the stage for the Search Analytics & Competitive Intelligence session, and Rob Millard will be talking about Creative Link Building.

We'll be in good company too, with some of the best SEOs in town giving away their best advanced tips.  We've dropped them a line and got some of their thoughts on this year's SMX ahead of the event...

Rich Baxter

Richard Baxter

Why should you attend my presentation at SMX London?

"You should attend SMX advanced London because it’s a great opportunity to learn, network and hone in on what’s going to be on your search marketing radar for the next 12 months. I know there will be a few Googlers there – a 5 minute chat with someone from the search quality team is worth a great deal! I’m delighted to see that speaker list, it’s obviously been very carefully curated.

Really, SMX is a very special conference and I’d advise anyone not to miss this year."

What's your greatest SEO achievement?

"“Greatest” SEO achievement? Well, right now I’m sat in our offices with a team of bright, capable and exciting people. We’re working on some fabulous projects, with great clients and we have some corking internal development going on. None of this existed just this time last year. SEOgadget is a proud achievement of mine – one that I couldn’t have made happen without my team – and my friends in the industry."

Whose presentation are you most excited to watch?

"Hm, you want me to call favourites? Well, it’s nice to see Laura Lippay back in the UK. She’s a great speaker who I first met at SMX Advanced Seattle 3 years ago. Don’t be fooled by her Yahoo bio though, Laura has her own SEO company called “How’s Your Pony?”. To find her I just Googled “How’s your pony Laura” which made me laugh. I’ll definitely be watching Kelvin Newman, Adam Audette, Martijn Beijk, Jon Myers, Patrick Altoft and Martin Macdonald. It’s really good to see Pete Wailes back on the conference circuit, too. I think basically everyone!"

Richard Baxter is the Director / Founder - SEOgadget LTD

Kelvin Newman

Why should you attend my presentation at SMX London?

"I’m actually pretty chuffed to be presenting two sessions for the first time. One is about the implications of the new ASA guidelines have on link building. It’s going to be a really useful session about the tactics that might be white-hat in Google’s eyes which might fall foul of the new rules.

The second is on the Link Building Alchemy session where I’m going to be talking about how understanding psychology, behavioural economics and game theory can make you a better link builder. It’s an area that I think will be fairly new to most of us; but that I think a little bit of knowledge will make a huge amount of difference to our campaigns.

With both I’ll be doing my best to create the kind of sessions I enjoy presenting, and I can promise no bullet point slides!"

What's your greatest SEO achievement?

"I’ve been lucky enough to have plenty of great results for clients, but then pretty much all of us can say that or we’d go out of business. Other than those successes; selling out the BrightonSEO conference in less than an hour and a half has got to be a highlight. Knowing the best part of 300 of my peers and SEO heroes trust me enough to try and convince their bosses to have a Friday off work to come to Brighton “for work” is pretty gratifying."

Whose presentation are you most excited to watch?

"God that’s a tough one, it’s like asking you to choose your favourite child ;) Joking aside I’m great mates with Kev Gibbons and Guy Levine, so if I don’t mention them I’m bound to get into trouble! Apart from them I’m especially looking forward to seeing Chris Sherman’s keynote, as he’s one of the most astute men in the business and Richard Baxter is one of the most accomplished presenters I’ve seen at any search conference so I can’t imagine missing him!"

Kelvin Newman is the author of 'Becoming a Clockwork Pirate' a free (and awesome) book on link building and a Creative Director at Site Visibility.

Stay tuned for next week's preview including Martin MacDonald.

So if you're thinking of buying a ticket, remember to use the voucher code DISTILLED011 and you'll get 15% discount!

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