SEO Job titles through the ages

Tom Critchlow: Business Card

Today we increase the number of Critchlows working for Distilled from one to two, with the addition of Tom Critchlow. (What is the collective noun for Critchlows? - I vote for thicket).

So whilst coming up with Tom's job title we came up with this list of job titles through the ages..

Initially I was going to have the business cards evolving over time as well as the job titles, but my skills aren't quite up to that but I'm sure you are all impressed by the coffee stains! #Search Engine Job Titles

- 1997: - Head of Submitting websites - 1998: - Head of Meta Tag re-writing - 1999: - Head of Keyword Stuffing - 2000: - Head of Forum spamming - 2001: - Head of cloaking - 2002: - Head of reciprocal linking - 2003: - Head of link-farms - 2004: - Head of 3 way linking - 2005: - Head of .edu link aqcuisition - 2006: - Head of link buying - 2007: - Head of linkbait - 2008: - Head of Personalised search - 2009: - Janitor - 2010: - Head of 'Google-Clean' - 2011: - Head of anti-Google protest - 2012: - Unemployed

Tom Critchlow Business Card

Luckily we have a few years left until Google takes over the entire world...

What have we missed? What would make it funnier? (or funny in the first place?) - Leave some ideas in the comments and we will update the list in due course.

Oh, and Welcome aboard Tom...

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