Seminar: how to make PR work online

On Wednesday 11th July, we are running a seminar at our offices at Waterloo called How to make PR work online. The seminar will last for 2 hours, with a break for some nibbles, a glass of wine or a beer and a chance to network.

It's targeted mainly at agencies and people working in PR, though it'll hopefully also be interesting to people doing their own PR as well. We are not intending to talk about how to do PR or the fundamentals of good PR campaigns (the people this is aimed at know far more about that kind of thing than we do) but rather the plan is to share some of our knowledge about translating PR into online benefit (and particularly into benefit with the search engines).

We have gained insight into best practices through working with PR agencies, watching PR go wrong (and go right) online and through understanding what the search engines are looking for when they judge the popularity and visibility of your company or brand (or your clients' companies and brands).

The seminar costs £65 +VAT per head and you can sign up online.

Finally, as regular readers will know, we recently released a tool to help companies monitor anything said about them online (Reputation Monitor) and we are offering a free seminar place to anyone signing up for an agency account before the day.

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