Seeking the next SEO superstar

Distilled are recruiting an individual with a 1 - 2 years SEO experience or a technical individual with an exceptional track record in delivering client projects.

Who would win, a pirate or a ninja? Give evidence to support your claim.

This is the last question in the online application given to potential candidates for our latest SEO Consultant role.

Every time we put out a job advert we get comments about how much people enjoyed filling in the application. A typical application process involves emailing someone your CV and hoping, but when people spend the time to complete our slightly strange set of questions, we feel like we learnt much more about their skills and how they might fit into our team.

If you’ve read enough already you should read up on pirates and ninjas and complete our application form.

SEO Consultant job with Distilled

Thanks to many of you who read our blog we have built up a great reputation within the industry. This means that currently we have more people wanting to work with us than (to use a Will’ism) you can shake a stick at. So despite the economic doom and gloom we are once again looking to hire more people to join our SEO team to allow us to take on more clients

We have spent a lot of time working out how we can best deliver SEO projects, and whilst we know we can still improve we are now in a great position to take on another SEO Consultant who can add real value to our business and to our clients.

The right candidate will have a couple of years of experience either working in an SEO environment or an exceptional candidate with experience in an analytical role. We are looking for a candidate that we can fast track into a role leading SEO projects. You will need a passion for the internet, a proven record delivering projects, a strong work ethic and a spark that sets you apart from the competition.

The exact day to day role will depend on the person hired but will involve a fair bit of strategy for our clients along with the nitty gritty of execution. Link building, keyword research, analytics analysis, content creation, conversion rate optimisation and anything else to help our clients will form part of your weekly tasks. This sits nicely alongside regular team meetings, exciting internal projects and - of course - beer o’clock every Friday.

For the right candidate this will be an ideal position to expand your SEO skills and take on responsibility for delivering client projects. Not only does this role offer the opportunity to join Distilled at an exciting time, but if you’re someone who never wants to stop learning – you’ll fit right in.

The role is in our office in Central London, 35 hours / week with a starting salary between £26k and £28k.

If this role sounds like your dream ticket, then please fill out the following questions, and if you are successful we’ll be in touch.

Duncan Morris

Duncan Morris

Duncan founded Distilled with Will in 2005. He built the, now defunct website CMS from the ground-up, and consulted for some of the company’s first clients. Today Duncan leads the management team and helps to steer...   read more

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  1. Ninja's everytime, just think who would win out of Jack Sparrow or any of the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and you have your answer (assuming of course that they are of roughly equal mass).

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  2. Jon

    Ninja, obviously. The pirate wouldn't even see him coming.

    reply >
  3. It depends where you are - in Indonesia ninjas win, but in Canada its pirates by a long chalk.

    Happy hunting.

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  4. You need to substantiate the question with more contextual information.

    What's the battle format? Is it a game of chance for example? Or chess?

    Where does it take place?

    What's the reason for the disagreement? Maybe they're just having a friendly game of 5 aside...

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  5. Ninja. ‘Cause he has an additional alance. But can he swim?

    reply >

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