SearchLove 2012 - Full Session Schedules now Live!

Roll up, Roll up! Suffering from post Olympics blues? We have exciting news, haven't we Will? 

If you work in search, digital, or online marketing, then you need to join the hundreds of other marketers at SearchLove 2012. The sessions we have in store this year are going to rival any other search marketing conference, not to mention the awesome speakers joining us from across the globe. 

With only 11 weeks to go until SearchLove opens its doors in London to our UK, European and afar community, and 12 weeks until Boston welcomes our US counterparts. It's now time for us to announce the fantastic one track schedules we have waiting for you this year. Over the past month we've had calls with each of our 30 speakers and the excitement has been building as we worked closely with them to finalise the content of their sessions. We're certain 2012 will be our best year yet.  

Without further ado our emcee Duncan is ready to announce the schedules for SearchLove 2012... 

 The full schedules with descriptions and timings can be found on the London and Boston pages. 


Here's a brief overview of the sessions to expect:


Justin Briggs - "The Life of an In-House SEO"

Guy Levine - "The Future of Small Business SEO"

Mark Johnstone - "Beyond Linkbait: First Steps to a Content Strategy"

Lisa Myers - "International SEO - One Size doesn't Fit All"

Wil Reynolds - "Chasing Algorithms: Think Deviously, Act Angelic, and Never Get Hit by a Penalty"

Heather Healy - "Do Social Signals Actually Play a Part in Search Rankings"

Mat Clayton - "Marketing Hacks"

Phil Nottingham - "The Building Blocks of Great Video"

David Mihm - "The Need to Know of Local SEO"

Richard Baxter - "How we Build Links at SEOgadget"

Lauren Vaccarello - "Conversion Tracking & Online/Oflline Attribution"

Dave Peiris - The Unexpected Value of Creating Things"

Paul Madden - "Building an Outsourced & Automated Infrastructure from Scratch"

Patrick McKenzie - "Eating CRO: Real World Case Studies for 20 ~ 100% Increases in Revenue"

Will Critchlow & Rand Fishkin - "Head to Head - Inbound Marketing on a Shoestring Budget"



Dan Shapiro - "Creating Serendipity"

Rob Ousbey - "Characteristics of a Successful Outreach Campaign"

Ian Lurie - "Making your Pitch: Writing Clear, Compelling Proposals"

Jen Lopez - "Utlilizing Social Media for Customer Acquisition & Retention"

Wil Reynolds - "Chasing Algorithms - Think Deviously, Act Angelical, and Never Get Hit by a Penalty"

Mike Pantoliano - "CRO & SEO - Better Together" 

 Annie Cushing - "Establishing a Framework for SEO Audits"

Stephen Pavlovich - "How to get Attention, Links and Sales for a Scrappy Start-Up"

Eytan Seidman - "Content Strategies that Work"

David Mihm - "The Need to Know of Local SEO"

Lexi Mills - "Leveraging PR to get Big Links"

Mike King - "Reinclusion Afterlife"

 Ben Wills - "Concepts and Practices of Efficiency, Scale and Value"

Mat Clayton - "Marketing Hacks"

 Cindy Krum - "How to Win at Mobile SEO"

Todd Friesen - "Penguin Penalties - Diagnosis and Recovery"

Will Critchlow & Rand Fishkin - "Head to Head - Inbound Marketing on a Shoestring Budget"


Early Bird rates will expire at the end of August - don’t delay, register your place for London or Boston today!

Have a question? We are more than happy to help - head to our help desk on LinkedIn. Vital information on speakers, venues, our VIP dinners and hotel discounts can all be found on our blog. We hope to see you all at SearchLove! 




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