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This week's DistilledLive video takes a look at some of the latest remarketing tools to come out of beta and how you can use these methods within your online strategies. Take a look at the video below as Distilled's PPC team over in Seattle, Jasmine Aye and Anthony Coraggio, share their experiences when it comes to delivering campaigns across different platforms.

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DistilledLive | Refining your remarketing

Jasmine: Hey, welcome to Distilled Live. I'm Jasmine.

Anthony: I'm Anthony. We're the PPC experts at Distilled Seattle, and today we want to talk to you a little bit about remarketing. Remarketing is an awesome way to engage your audience better and serve finely targeted ads to audience segments who have, say, clicked on a particular action button on your site or visited a particular page. There have been some really exciting developments in remarketing lately, and we want to make sure you're up to date on all the latest happenings.

Jasmine: So one of the most important pieces is actually the code itself from Google Analytics. So if you've been around a while in search you know that there used to be a Google Analytics code and then maybe a goal code and then an AdWords code and then an AdWords Goal code and a remarketing code. They're just all over the place. So now that's all actually rolled into one code.

Anthony: Yeah, now we have this one unified system that pulls all the data from Google Analytics into Ad ords as you need it. So say for instance your team wants to do some outreach on a really awesome piece of content that you ran a couple of months back. Now you don't need to actually go to work with your dev team to make all these changes to your site. You can just start building a remarketing list right away.

Jasmine: But there are, of course, always other options outside of Google that you can use for remarketing. So one of the other ones would be AdRoll.

Anthony: Like Jasmine said, remarketing is all about the options. The reason remarketing stands out so much as such a great tool in the online advertising world is not just the level of retargeting that is possible, but the power to deliver your message to specific audiences across platforms with text, image, or video it has, whatever best fits your campaign strategy. Remarketing as a method of advertising is constantly growing, changing, and to be as effective as possible you want to keep pace with all these new developments and use everything in your arsenal as an integrated whole to drive that strategy.

Jasmine: So there are actually two different new pieces of retargeting that have actually come out of beta] recently, and one of them is dynamic retargeting ads, and the other one is remarketing lists for search ads.

Anthony: Remarketing lists for search ads are especially exciting because it lets you take that incredibly specific targeting power of remarketing beyond the realm of display and into the search results page. With RLSA you cannot only deliver a customized message to individuals at specific points in the funnel. You can now place that message on prime search real estate and talk to them as they move forward and research, shop, and learn more about the product.

Jasmine: Yeah. So say somebody comes to your site and they visit a product page, and then maybe they go to the reviews tab, and then they just leave. Like, you worked really hard to get those people there already, so it's in your best interest to be able to remarket them later. So say if they search for the same thing only with reviews, you want to make sure that you're showing the right message at the right time whenever they search for that exact term, reminding them about your brand, about your products, and then bringing them back to be able to get them to purchase on your site.

Anthony: Dynamic remarketing, too, is an incredible tool, especially for e-commerce. If you have a GoogleMerchantCenter account, this lets you automatically generate interactive display ads featuring products that shoppers have already viewed on your site. This is a really awesome feature from Google that if you do decide to use it, make sure you take the time to parse through the templates that are available and find something that fits well with your brand image and your product so you don't come up with something generic and forgettable, but instead something that really pops and says you.

Jasmine: So remarketing doesn't only have to be on your site. You can actually use remarketing with YouTube videos as well. Anybody who has actually signed up to be a subscriber on your site or if they've viewed any one of your videos, you can actually target these people with other remarketing lists and then send them back to your site with banner advertisements.

Anthony: If your brand has a high degree of social engagement, you can consider trying retargeting ads on Facebook through their ad exchange and using an ad exchange partner, like Ad Roll, Chango, FetchBack, or Retargeter. Rumor has it that even Twitter is thinking about including retargeting options sometime in the near future as well, so keep an eye out. As I said, new options are emerging all the time.

Jasmine: Remarketing lists for Google are actually really beneficial, because they can track up to 90 days a user searching from your site. So if somebody hits your site and then leaves, like you need to be able to remind them to come back within those 90 days just even to your homepage to just remember your brand, make sure that you still have worked really hard to build this audience, you should be able to bring that back. So the way that you would change that is you would go into Google Analytics. You would go to the Admin Section, and then you'd go to the Center and go to Remarketing. Then whenever you're making a new list, you can actually say how long you want that duration to be. So this actually is really, really good, because with this code [notation] you don't have to manually create these lists with new code all the time. You can just go in and say, "Oh, I'd really like to track people who've hit the contact page, who have not created a conversion that makes me money." So you can actually just create that list. It populates by itself, and then you can just import that into AdWords really easily.

Anthony: With all these options and capabilities for promoting your content there's no reason why you shouldn't be including remarketing in your overall strategy. One easy way is to do the kind of thing that Jasmine was talking about, is just to build the remarketing list based off one piece of popular content on your site and use that list to promote retargeting ads to customers who have previously shown that interest.

Jasmine: Yeah, and there are definitely some instances where remarketing is not going to work. If you have an audience who clears their cookies before 30 days, or even before 90 days or even just generally on a regular basis, those people are not going to be seeing your retargeting ads unless they're hitting your site on a regular basis. So that's something to watch out for. But then there are also a lot of privacy laws, and people are just getting more aware of Internet privacy, and they're a little bit more concerned about it. So there are some browsers that just won't track, like Safari 6, I think, and there are other areas that are just like no-go for cookies, like Incognito Windows. So there are definitely some options that remarketing is definitely not good for you, but generally across the board, from a PPC standpoint, remarketing is one of the most cost effective ways to be able to get your audience back to your site. You've worked really hard to be able to deliver this audience to your site already. There's no reason that you shouldn't be retargeting them and getting them to come back.

So that's all we have for you. Thank you so much for sitting around for Distilled Live, and we'll see you next time.

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