It’s not Goodbye, it’s “See You Later”

Hi Everyone and welcome to what will probably be my last blog post as a member of the Distilled family. Now that we have notified all of my clients, Duncan and I thought it would be appropriate to notify the rest of the search community about the fact that this will be my last month at Distilled.

I have learned a tremendous amount in my time here and am beyond grateful for the opportunities I have had here, the people I have met, and the opportunity that I am now pursuing as a direct result of the things the team here has taught me and the exposure I've gained working at Distilled.

As it just so happens that Distilled are hiring both for another Lead SEO as well as a slightly more junior level SEO Consultant I thought it might be good to talk about what these roles looked like for me and the type of place Distilled is.

If you are looking for the sappy farewell then you'd probably best check out this post, but for now I just wanted to focus specifically on the opportunities you can gain as a member of the family and basically publicly say "thank you" to Distilled for such a wonderful year and for so many wonderful experiences.

My Distilled Story

I joined Distilled almost exactly a year ago as an SEO Consultant. I had plenty of experience using the internet for fun and a fair bit of experience using the internet for work... but I had exactly nil experience working as an SEO. I applied because their job advert was entertaining, caught my attention, and Distilled simply sounded like a fun place to work. I found the team incredibly welcoming, the atmosphere relaxed and the lulz many and was extraordinarily pleased with my decision to join the team.

I picked things up fairly quickly and between training and hands-on client work (which started within days of being on the job) I found it very easy to adjust and extremely helpful to be able to ask Will, Tom and Rob the tougher questions.


In February Distilled announced that they were opening up a new office in Seattle! This was a very exciting time as it was basically taken from "cool idea" to global operations in a few months. It was pretty incredible how quickly this took off and I was further impressed by Will and Duncan's ability to scale things up rapidly.

Well, with Rob leaving to head up the US office, it also meant that I got my first personal client and became a Lead SEO. I certainly felt out of my depths at first but I learned so much quicker as a result of it and gained invaluable experience managing people and projects.

First Presentation

Around March Will shot round an email asking if anyone would like to pitch to speak at SMX Advanced here in London. He made it known that he'd be willing to help us prepare and I through my hat into the ring thinking that I had approximately zero chance of being chosen. Needless to say, I was certainly a bit surprised when I was approved to speak at an Advanced conference when only four months before I didn't know what a robots.txt file was.

The team helped me prepare and despite being extraordinarily nervous I think everything turned out more or less ok... :-p

Things have continued to be great since then and the opportunity to speak only opened up a whole range of other opportunities to share ideas with some serious industry names, to speak at future events, and to blog for some of the highest profile blogs within the search industry.


The point of this is not to try and give myself the aforementioned pat-on-the-back but rather, to point out that none of these opportunities would have come nearly so early in my career had I decided to start my career somewhere else.

Distilled have been extraordinarily good to me, have allowed me to shine, and have put me in a position to further my career. I have learned a number of invaluable skills (managing people, managing projects and at times managing expectations) and am truly better positioned to take on any new challenge: whether it be in management consultant, leading a team, or right here within the search community.

I have met a lot of amazing people by being a part of the Distilled family and I hope this next step will be more like growing up and moving away from home than being the rebellious runaway. Thank you so very much to the entire Distilled family and <momrant>you better still send a card at Christmas! </momrant>

Perks with Both of These Roles

  • Unparalleled access to some of the best and brightest SEOs in the world
  • Opportunities upon which to capitalize (speaking at conferences, blogging for SEOmoz, Econsultancy, and other leading industry blogs)
  • Summer Hours (leave at noon on Fridays during the summer)
  • Work from Home - we are currently trialing the opportunity to work from home whenever you like
  • SEOmoz Global Associate and access to the SEOmoz bloggers list
  • Wear whatever you like to work
  • Fast growing company
  • A chance to learn new languages/how to program
  • Consulting experience
  • Work for/with some seriously smart cookies!
  • Beer o'clock every Friday
  • Good Holiday Schedule (25 days a year)
  • Options/Ownership in the Company
  • Big name clients
  • Your opinions will be valued no matter at which level you start

I could really go on for ages about this - long story short, you should definitely apply if you are either a.) smart and like the internet and/or b.) have some experience or interest in SEO. Expertise in memes a bonus as my departure will be opening up that area of niche expertise.

Link to the Junior Role (the role I started with)
Link to the Experienced Role (the role I currently do)


That's it from me. I hope that everyone will keep in touch and understand that this was not an easy decision to make. If you're interested in hearing more from me or staying up to date please feel free to talk to me on Twitter, shoot me a message on LinkedIn, or read my personal blog.

Thank you all for everything!

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